Heavy Duty Challenge Gameplay Trailer Teases Physics-Based Off-Road Challenges

Heavy Duty Challenge

Nano Games’ Heavy Duty Challenge is gearing up for release on Steam later this year during the fourth quarter. However, ahead of the game’s release the developers have slowly been releasing new information and media assets for the game, including a brand new gameplay trailer.

The game isn’t a typical racing game, but is an off-road challenge game where the objective is to maneuver different trucks around various dirt and rocky tracks in hopes of scoring the best time on the leaderboards.

You’ll have a number of different real life trucks at your disposal, along with full steering wheel, gear shift, and pedal support for those of you who are serious about your driving simulators.

You can see how the game handles and what the gameplay is like ever-so-briefly with the 23 second trailer that you can view below.

I kind of wish we were able to see a bit more, but the little we did see reconfirms what they already mentioned about the game having different vehicle types that behave different depending on the situation they’re in, as well as the terrain that they’re attempting to traverse over.

Different vehicles also come with different kinds of weight distribution, which plays a part in the way the game’s terrain deformation reacts. So you’ll have to deal with challenges such as spin-outs, mud piles, or attempting to use differential settings to overcome traction obstructions.

You’ll also be able to customize and fine-tune each of the 12 operable trucks to best suit your playing style.

You’ll need to compete in a variety of challenges spread across five different locations, all realistically compiled to resemble the Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships.

If the game seems like something you might be interested in, definitely check out the Steam store page, where you can wishlist or follow the development and news for Heavy Duty Challenge.

The game is due out in the fourth quarter for PC, but there are also plans to release a home console version of Heavy Duty Challenge.

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