Second Extinction, Three-Player Co-op Dino Shooter Heading To Xbox Series X, PC

Second Extinction

Swedish developer Systemic Reaction, a subsidiary of Avalanche Studios, announced that they’re working on a brand new dinosaur co-op shooter called Second Extinction. The game was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase during the latest Inside Xbox event. It’s slated for release on PC, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X.

The upcoming shooter is currently slated to make its debut a lot sooner than you think, with a closed beta test on the docket for PC on Steam this summer.

Tobias Andersson, the managing director at Systemic Reaction mentioned during the press release…

“As a live game, we plan to support Second Extinction long-term, as we do with all our titles. We can’t wait for players to team up, start playing, and become part of our community.”

I’m sure software support will be entirely dependent on the playerbase.

Anyway, they also let loose a new minute long trailer giving you a look at the game in action, which you can check out below.

Gameplay wise it’s very similar to Spiral Game Studios’ Orion: Prelude, where you gather a squad and take on a wave of dinosaurs in sandbox-style environments.

You’ll have a variety of weapons and explosives at your disposal as you attempt to take on various dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the prehistoric creatures roam the land.

The gameplay looks like it’s running on a modified version of Generation Zero‘s tech, which is another similar sandbox-style shooter where you fought robots instead of dinosaurs.

The trailer also reveals that there’s still the androgynous looking women filling out the ranks, as is typical with almost every major AAA Western title made these days.

Oddly instead of it being a four-player co-op shooter it’s only a three-player co-op where you fight against mutated versions of dinosaurs.

You can learn more about the closed beta by visiting the official Second Extinction website.

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