Sniper: Assassin’s End Trailer Captures Some Quality B-Movie Action

Sniper Assassin's End

The Sniper franchise, which originated back in 1993 with Luis Llosa’s eponymous entry starring Tom Berenger and Billy Zane, is somewhat of a low-budget guilty pleasure. The series never really took itself too seriously but managed to include small bits of realism here or there in order to keep dedicated fans interested and B-movie fanatics engaged. The quality of the films have been wildly inconsistent, especially after Chad Michael Collins came on board, but the latest entry, Sniper: Assassin’s End, actually looks pretty badass.

It’s still chiefly in B-movie territory, and the sound quality and sets look Canadian-tier. On the flip-side, some of the action set-pieces look pretty cool, especially a roadblock ambush, a forest shootout, and a parking lot brawl.

Collins looks adequate as an action hero, and Tom Berenger returning as Collins’ father brings back a bit of nostalgia to the series after Billy Zane made some extended cameos in the franchise over the years. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

Plot wise it’s basically like Shooter, the Antoine Fuqua 2007 vehicle starring Mark Wahlberg, the only difference being that we already know the plot-twist with Sniper: Assassin’s End, insofar that another sniper was used to setup Collins.

Who is that other sniper? Well, it’s none other than J-Pop star Akimoto Sayaka, who sporadically appears throughout the trailer as some sort of assassin foil to the father-son duo.

We also get a nice shot of her in skin-tight latex pants.

Sniper Assassin's End - Akimoto Sayaka's Butt

I’m jealous of that motorcycle seat.

Anyway, Sniper: Assassin’s End isn’t rewriting the playbook on action films, and it’s obvious it’s a low-budget affair, but it appears to have heart and the action sequences look pretty cool (based on what we see in the trailer), and that’s all we can really ask for at this point.

The film is set to arrive on video and streaming services soon.