SNK Gals’ Fighters Removed From European Nintendo eShop

SNK Gals Fighters

SNK Corporation recently released the classic NeoGeo Pocket title SNK Gals’ Fighters for the Nintendo Switch. The pocket fighter is still available in the Asian and North American version of the Nintendo eShop, but recent reports indicate that the game has disappeared from the European version of the Nintendo eShop.

GoNintendo is reporting that users have indicated that the game is gone from the European version of the shop without reason after it was mentioned in a Reddit thread on the Nintendo Switch sub-reddit.

Users from Japan and America stated that they were able to see the game on the eShop and purchase. Others noted that they were able to grab it day one from the European eShop but after the first day of release the game no longer appears in the shop.

Nintendo Life quoted a user who explained…

“Gals’ fighters was on my to buy list, but when I went to check it in the eshop, it was suspiciously missing. Barring a few comments expressing their confusion on the title’s disappearance, I couldn’t find anything. Why would a game be removed from eshop?”

So far there is no answer as to why the game is removed from the Nintendo eShop and only the European version of the eShop.

The last two times games were removed from the eShop was due to a cryptomining scam and another because it violated CERO’s rating standards.

It’s hard to tell why the game would be removed given that it’s a simple pocket fighter featuring digitized versions of the gals from games like King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown.

There’s nothing overt about any of the content that would warrant removal, but perhaps there was a pricing issue? Maybe a security flaw? I’m not sure but maybe we’ll find out come Monday if SNK decides to make a statement on the matter.

(Thanks for the news tip NintendoGlitch)