Super Mega Baseball 3 Pennant Race Cross-Play Multiplayer Mode Coming Post Launch

Super Mega Baseball 3

Metalhead Software’s Super Mega Baseball 3 is gearing up for release on May 13th for the Xbox One, PS4, Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The game already has a beefy collection of content, but they decided to amp it up even more with cross-play multiplayer support in the corm of the Custom Pennant Race.

The mode will allow gamers from across all the available platforms setup tournaments, leagues, or group play based on a number of custom settings. You can fix the Ego, setup the innings per game, as well as the duration.

The Custom Pennant Race will alow for up to 32-players to participate in private organized matches finally find out whose better at baseball between Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation gamers.

You can get the nitty gritty on the mode thanks to a new gameplay video they released.

According to Metalhead Software, gamers had been requesting a feature like this for some time now, and the developers decided to go over and beyond to deliver.

A lot of the people in the comment section were quite geeked about the announcement and mentioned how much they couldn’t wait for May 13th to arrive in order to play the game.

Some gamers are hoping that a normal cross-platform Pennant Race will be added to the game at some point down the line, but are happy enough for the offerings that they’re including in Super Mega Baseball 3.

The game will feature enhanced pickoff and stealing, along with improved wild pitches and passed balls, designated hitters, and player stats designed around situational plays.

An added Franchise mode has been added, along with co-op for up to two players versus the CPU in both local offline play and online play.

You can even import custom rosters from Super Mega Baseball 2 if you still own the game.

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