Unhinged Trailer Has Russel Crowe Teaching An Uncouth Wench The Hard Lessons Of Life


Hollywood can’t get away from villainizing straight, white males as part of their ongoing push to infiltrate every aspect of your life with their own unhinged, Left-wing agitprop. However, every once in a while they manage to release a film that seems to contain a nugget of truth to it. In this particular case the film Unhinged stars Academy Award winner Russell Crowe as a guy having a really hard time in life after losing his wife, and a stuck-up, suburbanite soccer mom decides to purposely go out of her way to be rude to Crowe, leading the widower down a pathway of teaching the wench some hard lessons in life about being rude.

The trailer for the film sets up Crowe’s actions through the ornery actions employed by Rachel, played by Caren Pistorius.

After rudely honking her horn and then cutting in front of Crowe, he decides to pull up alongside the vehicle and resolve the situation in an amicable manner. Like a typical [current year] feminist, Rachel decides to further ignite the situation by claiming she’s done nothing wrong and justifies her callous behavior with even more rudeness.

It was at that moment she didn’t realize she had royally funked up.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The funny part about it is that the movie works on two levels here.

There’s the obvious “evil white man” narrative that Hollywood has been peddling throughout this entire generation so far, but in order to orchestrate his “evilness”, they unintentionally make the audience realize that today’s feminist-entrenched women are insufferable, unruly wenches.

In some ways, you’re actually rooting for Russel Crowe’s character to teach Rachel a much-deserved lesson about humility and respect, something missing from the basic behavior of Western women. The lack of etiquette is what ultimately brings down a torrent of violence and misery to Rachel’s life, something she could have avoided had she probably stayed off Facebook and Twitter, or avoided taking life lessons from the Bart Simpson human-cosplayer known as Rachel Maddow.

Anyway, I’m curious how well this movie will do in theaters given that it’s the first major new film to release in theaters starting July 1st since the coronavirus lockdown.

As noted by NewsDio, the film will be followed by a few other blockbusters in July, including The Purge Forever and Disney’s very troubled live-action remake of Mulan.

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