Atari Is Gearing Up To Ship 500 VCS Consoles This June, According To Reports

If you may have forgotten about the Atari VCS, there’s no need to worry. Stepping in to remind gamers and fans alike of its existence comes a new report from Atari itself backed by another report saying that 500 units of the forthcoming system are due out sometime this June.

People that backed the Atari VCS have experienced multiple delays, painting a grim picture for those looking from the outside in and causing just as much concern for those dishing out money to make this very console happen.

Aside from worries and delays comes news from Atari itself a few days back on the development of the VCS. With that said, you can check out the latest update on the forthcoming home console by paying a visit.

The update on IndieGoGo also contains a link to, which happens to be written by an Atari VCS employee. The second website covers a lot, but here are the most important tidbits:

“The Atari VCS team is proud to say that we are getting a tremendous amount of work done during the ongoing quarantine and are about to enter the home stretch on the project. The first ~500 Atari VCS production units will now exit the factory by mid-June, after a slight delay caused by rejected plastic parts that required re-fabrication. Now, with the completion of this run comes even more exciting news: thanks to much diligence and creativity, the procurement teams have made significant progress in their efforts to close the gaps on the outstanding parts and materials. All of this comes as Atari VCS hits the 2 year anniversary of its launch on Indiegogo.”

The next paragraph makes mention that the other 11,597 backers must wait some time and will likely be able to get their hands on the VCS sometime this summer:

“The team has searched all over the planet to find or replace the parts and materials needed to start and complete the full production run of Atari VCS units for its 11,597 patient Indiegogo backers. Based on the latest information available, the team cautiously estimates that all parts and materials will be on hand in time for these additional units to be in production this summer. No specific dates are yet available, but Atari will of course inform backers as soon as there are additional details.”

While backers play the waiting game, here’s some footage of an Atari VCS employee testing the product at home. The video in question shows off the console, the home screen, how to download games, where to place downloaded material, and more:

Moreover, you can also check out how the upcoming device supports keyboard + mouse use. Additionally, the second video shows the Atari PC Mode (formerly known as PC Sandbox Mode), which can be achieved by booting up Windows and playing PC games on your TV. In this case, the employee uses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a test subject to show off the Atari PC Mode:

As mentioned above, the first 500 Atari VCS consoles will ship sometime this month while the other 11,597 backers might be able to go hands-on with the device this summer.