Ever Forward, 3D Puzzle-Platformer Free Demo Available For Download

Ever Forward DEmo

Pathea Games, the makers of My Time At Portia announced that their latest project is called Ever Forward, and it’s a puzzle-platformer currently in development themed around a young girl trying to survive in a strange realm somewhere between reality and her imagination.

The story centers around a family on lockdown, and a young girl’s mother attempts to venture outside to gather resources for the family to survive. However, the girl decides to take her own chances beyond the confines of their abode, but things don’t go over so well as she attempts to compartmentalize what’s going on outside as a strange, imaginative world filled with wonders and danger within her own mind.

You can get an idea of what the general gist of the story and gameplay mechanics are like with the trailer below.

In the game, you play as the 12-year-old Maya who must traverse through her imaginary world filled with platforms, puzzles, and lots of endless pits.

You’ll have to juggle between activating panels to avoid security drones, to leaping across chasms to reach new areas.

It’s like a throwback to some old-school puzzle-platformers from back in the day, but the whole non-violent aspect is a bit of a turnoff for me. Maybe if we were inundated with lots of action-oriented platforming shooters I would welcome something that diverges from the norm, but in this case due to the Liberal-Progressive agenda of trying to remove guns out of games as often as possible, the last half decade has been filled with an abundance of non-violent exploration games, platforming titles, and walking simulators. So it’s not like I can really get all that excited for yet another one of those titles entering the fray.

Even still, if you like what Pathea is doing with Ever Forward, you can check out the playable
demo for free by visiting the itch.io page or by downloading the free prologue from over on the Steam store.