Genshin Impact Final Closed Beta For PS4 Starts July 2nd

Genshin Impact

MiHoYo’s Breath of the Wild-inspired adventure-RPG, Genshin Impact, is steadily moving closer towards its release. The game recently received a new update indicating that the visually impressive, Chinese-made title will enter into its final closed beta session on July 2nd next month.

The game came bustling onto the scene earlier this year with some fairly impressive trailers featuring open-world adventuring and the various party members you could control.

For the final closed beta test it will be playable on the PlayStation 4 for the first time.

The beta test will take place in a seamless open-world, and will allow players to go at the beta either solo or with friends.

While this is pretty much a Breath of the Wild clone, there are some neat little changes that miHoYo put into Genshin Impact that help it stand out. For instance, the combat feels a little more fluent and fast compared to Breath of the Wild. The ability to swap between characters and make use of magic attacks that have different status effects on foes can mix up the combat in ways to help keep things feeling fresh.

My only main concern with Genshin Impact is the world feeling kind of empty and not having enough events to fill out its rather large world, which was also one of the biggest criticisms of Breath of the Wild.

Then again that’s usually one of the biggest problems for most open-world titles, where there’s a lot of cool locations and neat designs, but very little in the way of substance or depth when it comes to interacting with said world.

Gamers will be able to see just how interactive Genshin Impact is when the closed beta gets underway July 2nd. For more information on the closed beta or to register for an opportunity to participate, feel free to visit the official website.