Ironsmith Medieval Simulator Free Demo Available For Download

I know a lot of people accuse PlayWay of picking up publishing rights for games that are borderline trolling, but you have to give it to them that they’re at least stepping outside the boundaries of what you would typically expect to see from a publisher. One of their latest acquisitions is Ironsmith Medieval Simulator, and it’s all about crafting weapons and armor of war during the dark ages.

You’ll work as a blacksmith, working on weapons for soldiers, armor, helmets, and shields. You’ll have to go through the process of smelting the ore, hammering out the ingots, and shaping the weapons and materials into usable objects.

You’ll also be tasked with building small trinkets and tools for the local villagers, all while engaging in an actual story mode.

The prologue version of the game is available to download for free over on the Steam store.

You can check out a half-hour gameplay video below courtesy of DieselDesigns Gaming.

It reminds me of the early intro segment of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, where Henry has to help his dad craft a sword. Only this time around, you actually get to play the blacksmithing segment.

You have to first gather the supplies to heat up the forge, and then grab the necessary tools to craft certain objects.

The game is surprisingly deep. You have to use the bellow to heat up the furnace to a specific degree in order to heat up the ingot and then craft the ingot at the anvil.

As you progress through the game you can unlock new blueprints to craft new items. The anvil mini-game is actually pretty neat, as you have to hit the object with the hammer at a specific point to modify the outcome of the item’s quality.

I have to say that The EpicLore’s Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is actually a lot more well-rounded than I thought it would be.

You can play the prologue right now, for free, ahead of the game’s official release during the fall of this year. You can download the demo from over on the Steam store page.

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