Marvel, DC Pros Openly Support Antifa While Trump Preps To Label Them Domestic Terrorists

Antifa Comics

Various professional comic book artists decided to openly support Antifa, a domestic terrorist group, before quickly pulling down the logos after President Trump announced that he would soon be declaring them as domestic terrorists due to their affiliation with attempting to burn down half America in riots, vandalism, and looting.

A couple of #ComicsGate YouTubers posted up videos about the subject, including Micah Curtis who made a nine minute video using his Sleeveless Comics channel to highlight how artist Jeff Lemire – a professional who has done work for Valiant Comics, Marvel, and DC – briefly had the Antifa logo on his social media account.

Lemire wasn’t alone, though.

Others also joined in to show their support for Antifa, such as Jamal Igle, a writer and editor who has worked on Supergirl, Superman, Iron and New Warriors (to name a few) for Marvel, DC, and IDW Publishing.

YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy did a video highlighting some of the comic book pros who have been throwing their lot in with Antifa, with one segment highlighting Zoe Quinn’s open support for the movement, all while having books published by DC and Marvel.

The show of support didn’t last long in the open because President Donald Trump declared that they would be naming Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

Certain bloggers were also quick to throw in their support for the group, such as The Mary Sue, who highlighted tweets from various influencers and content creators, including IGN’s own Max Scoville, who made a tweet thread defending Antifa on May 31st, 2020.

But it gets worse.

The Mary Sue even went so far as to cover ways to instigate vandalism, including a tutorial on how to topple an obelisk, such as the Washington Monument in D.C.

And to top it all off, various Hollywood celebrities have been funding and providing financial relief for the bailout of those arrested for looting and vandalism, essentially supporting Antifa. You can check out the video below from Pixelpeep.

Recognize who these people are, and know that they don’t fight for your interest or for the betterment of America.

This is why we’re keeping track of such individuals with the Traitors of America Master List.

Know who these people are and stay informed.

(Thanks for the news tip anon and KotakuInAction 2)

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