No More Heroes 3 Latest Gameplay Surfaces During New Game+ Expo

No More Heroes 3 was ripe to appear at the most recent New Game+ Expo. And lo and behold, the game surfaced in an unusual way with Goichi Suda covering the screen showcasing gameplay footage of the third installment. However, some interesting tidbits for those thirsty for No More Heroes 3 info surfaced via the video.

Publisher Marvelous and developer Grasshopper Manufacture are planning to ship No More Heroes 3 for Switch this year (2020). However, given the current measures in place spawned by the coronavirus, don’t be shocked if the hack-and-slash game faces a delay.

Nevertheless, Suda has been keeping things lighthearted by trolling fans with an in-game still of Travis Touchdown standing outside of the motel complex next to Mr. Meeseeks (a character from Rick and Morty).

On the topic of trolling, the latest video showcases Suda covering gameplay footage of Touchdown fighting an alien boss, while the creator of the game casually talks about chipping away at his building backlog of games. You can check out the video in question thanks to

With all of that said, here’s what is currently going on in the background while Suda is talking thanks to Reddit users Rynderend and gilmoore000:

  • Change in Camera Angle: A semi fixed camera angle from Devil May Cry 1 – 3, whereby it is pulled far back to accommodate for a larger enemy. But it significantly more drawn back.
  • Lock-on: In the first 10 seconds of the footage, you can see the camera focus on a smaller enemy then move onto the larger one. Unclear if it is automatic or manual.
  • Increased Air Mobility: Travis can jump and perform air combos.
  • Blocking: Looks like it functions similarly to the original games.
  • Dodging: Dodge roll is in the game.
  • Enemy Attacks: It looks like there will be a lot of sweep attacks of increased scale. The boss summons portals through which spikes come out. There is more melee moves that forces Travis to move away.
  • QTE: Quick timed events are back.
  • Speculation: There are 4 icons that match the death glove chips in the left side, so it’s believed that we will get 4 equipable special moves. Some of the features of the Death Glove appear to be dragging Travis up to the enemy but also moving away quicker than usual.
  • More Speculation: RNG Power-up Moves look like they function similarly to NMH 2.

As a side note, No More Heroes 3 won’t have an open-world as big as titles from Ubisoft or Rockstar Games. However, the game will expand on the original world size with side-missions and different “mini-games.”

Lastly, you can look to explore No More Heroes 3‘s open-world on Switch and face off with FU using the “special” motion controls sometime in 2020.