One Night In Bangkok Trailer Is Like Collateral Meets John Wick

One Night In Bangkok

Mark Dacascos is probably the one most underrated action hero in the martial arts genre. The guy has some of the most incredible moves and agility, but he was never quite cast in the right movies, leading him mostly into C-tier territory when it comes to DTV films and off-brand Syfy flicks. Well, his latest film actually seems like the kind of B-movie well worth the time, and it co-stars Sho Kosugi’s son, Kane Kosugi.

One Night In Bangkok sees Dacascos paying a female taxi driver to escort him around Bangkok, Thailand for one night only. While it might seem like he has something lecherous in mind for the taxi driver, it turns out to be a lot more deadly and noble than you might have been imagining.

The trailer quickly makes it clear that the mysterious passenger is not looking to indulge in some of the more licentious tourist activities that Bangkok has to offer, but instead is a man on a mission. You can check out the cool little trailer below for one Night In Bangkok courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

At first, most people in the comment section were convinced this was a Bangkok version of Tom Cruise’s Collateral, but as the trailer progressed it became obvious that it’s like a fusion between Collateral and John Wick.

I have to say, visually I love the way Bangkok is filmed. In the trailer they make it look less seedy and more glamorous than what I was expecting. They also manage to give the film the neon blue and red contrast that helped define the club scenes in the first John Wick.

It reminds me a little bit of the cinematography from Only God Forgives.

The downside, however, is that the sound mixing is somewhat poor and the fight choreography doesn’t look so hot based on the way it’s edited for the trailer.

It’s impossible to tell if it’s just like that because of the way the marketing team chopped together the promotional material, or if the movie’s fight scenes really are of the chop-and-block variety the likes of which defined the Bourne movies.

In any case, it’s nice to see Mark Dacascos getting work and having his skills showcased for a wider audience every once in a while. I still wish he had appeared in more films like Drive, but sometimes us action fans take what we can get.