Perfect Dark Rumors Resurface After New Placeholders Emerge

If you are out of the loop, rumors on a new Perfect Dark game popped up back in April of this year. Many people believed that Joanna Dark would see a return in some form or fashion next-gen, and they might be right. As of today, a new placeholder has been found via twitter pointing to a potential new entry in the Perfect Dark series.

To expand on the rumors that sparked a new Perfect Dark game nearing an announcement is due to a report that surfaced late April 2020. Web site reported on “eagle-eyed LinkedIn sleuths” spotting The Initiative (a Microsoft studio) hiring people for a potential new Perfect Dark game.

The rumor grew more when Twitter user and leaker Kobrille found a job description for a technical designer at The Initiative, which sees the person in question responsible for facilitating the following:

“Scripting and creating various world interactables and gameplay objects, such as doors, destructibles, hazards, triggers, and much more. Design and script various weapons, gadgets, and a camera surveillance system for an unannounced project.”

Fast-forward to June 27th, 2020, and we now have social justice activist and senior editor at The Verge, Tom Warren, tweeting out the following information:

If you can’t read or see the tweet, “Fable” and “PerfectDarkGame” have placeholder Twitter accounts. Also, they are registered using a Microsoft email address.

Interestingly, “PerfectDarkGame” has a Microsoft Xbox employee following it named Ken Lobb — an individual that serves as one of Xbox’s creative directors and is associated with Xbox Game Studios.

Lastly, given that it’s current year, get ready for all sorts of social justice talking points to spew out of this rumored Perfect Dark game. Moreover, if this game is indeed in the works, it will more than likely release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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