SpellForce 3 Announces New Expansion

Spellforce 3

As it is written in the ancient lore, the only thing harder than keeping a god dead in a fantasy world is getting Bethesda to make a good decision. Gods have a special habit of resurrecting, and around this quaint truth centers the latest expansion to SpellForce 3. As the leader of a nomadic Troll Tribe, you are approached by an elf that offers your people salvation.

Resurrect a god, and all will be well or so the pitch will likely go. Along the way, you’ll discover the true price of your bargain. After all, when has a mysterious stranger approached you with a bargain, you cannot be refused, and there not been some nefarious underpinnings to the arrangement?

Discovering the price of your bargain, along with the nature of said god, will take players across a 15-hour single-player campaign. Where they will lead the newest faction of Trolls with their own unique play style. Along the journey, you will make decisions that will impact not only the conclusion of the game, but skills and abilities your companions will acquire and use. Giving the expansion a decent amount of replay value.

Said faction of struggling nomadic trolls will be the sixth faction joining multiplayer roster. Along with them comes 1v1 ranked matches. Offering players the best way to officially settle arguments over who is the better SpellForce player with friends. Alternatively a good way to demonstrate one’s unchallengable prowess with the game. IE what ranked modes are for.

When not settling the score or proving your RTS prowess, you will be able to build the map of your dreams with a slew of “power modding tools.” Aside from the ability to share them with the community, no further details have been revealed. Nor has a release date been provided, but it is scheduled to launch in 2020.