Tencent Games And SNK Announce Metal Slug Code: J For Mobile Devices

Tencent Games is rearing its head once more for gamers to consume its latest product. Tagging along with Tencent Games is its subsidiary TiMiStudios and SNK, which the three will one day unleash Metal Slug Code: J for iOS and Android devices.

The publisher and developer have not released info on the game’s due date, which will likely change in the coming months. And speaking of news coming soon, the latest trailer teases that folks should keep their eyes peeled and “stay tuned for more details” on Metal Slug Code: J.

With that said, you can check out the latest artwork and gameplay footage showing the “shoot ’em up” in action thanks to SNK posting the following reveal trailer:

“SNK and @TiMiStudios, a subsidiary of @TencentGames, are happy to announce that we are working closely to create a new unnamed mobile game, Code: J, for the classic arcade franchise Metal Slug.”

Two things should be noted here. The first is that the gameplay footage shown does not represent the actual/complete product. This means the finished product will likely look different than what is shown in the latest trailer.

The second thing is that Metal Slug Code: J is not the game’s official name. If you are wondering when TiMiStudios and SNK will reveal further details, know that it will happen sometime “soon.”

Moreover, the game looks to feature a hub where you can roam around the area in a 3D-like space. Again, more information on this setting will likely be detailed sometime in the foreseeable future.

Lastly, Metal Slug Code: J is in development for iOS and Android devices. Like many new games, expect this new entry to be for the latest OS and handsets. Also, no word on a PC, Switch, or console port has been made as of this writing.

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