Anna Sweet, Ex-Steam Business Developer Now Leads Bad Robot Games

If you don’t know, Bad Robot Games is founded by J.J. Abrams, Katie McGrath, and the people that work under the Bad Robot label. As of recent, the video game branch of Bad Robot has a new CEO, which happens to be ex-Steam business developer Anna Sweet.

According to website, Sweet will join Bad Robot Games’ president Dave Baronoff in leading the gaming branch of Bad Robot. Of course, it’s worth noting that Sweet worked on the original business team at Valve that built the Steam platform. Her work is said to have helped accelerate “gaming’s transition to digital distribution.”

Sweet had this to say about joining Bad Robot Games as company CEO:

“I first met Bad Robot 10 years ago during our collaborations while at Valve and have been huge fans of JJ, Katie and the team since then – as they represent one of the most forward looking creative talents across all mediums. As video games become a primary way to explore and experience new worlds and stories, I believe Bad Robot Games is uniquely suited to build something truly special and I am incredibly excited to be a part of the team.”

Baronoff came out of the woodwork to add on to Sweet’s explanation of Bad Robot Games and video games:

“From the moment we first collaborated while [Sweet] was at Valve, I’ve been looking for opportunities to work with her again. I am beyond thrilled she is now an integral part of our team. In addition to being a truly wonderful human being, she is a brilliant, innovative leader, and deeply passionate about games. She will undoubtedly help lead us to incredible heights.”

Bad Robot President and COO Brian Weinstein chimed in to offer his two-cents on the situation:

“[Sweet] brings a proven track record and unparalleled expertise to Bad Robot, plus a sensibility and leadership style that will deliver tremendous value to Bad Robot Games. Alongside Dave, we now have two vibrant leaders to help grow the company as we enter our next phase of growth.”

Lastly, Chinese video game publisher Tencent, still to this day, has ties to Bad Robot Games and will help with any operations when it comes to finances and publishing video games on PC, home consoles, and mobile devices. However, given that a former Steam or Valve employee is now over Bad Robot Games, expect the usual taste police and forum banning to reach new levels in the already woke company — assuming Spyjinx didn’t already give the aforesaid away.

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