Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Jet Set Radio Future-Inspired Platformer Announced For PC

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Team Reptile first made it onto the scene with their cel-shaded action sports game, Lethal League. It was a unique blend of Windjammers and Jet Set Radio. They decided to dive head-first into a brand new IP called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which is basically a spiritual successor to Sega’s Jet Set Radio Future.

The new game centers around graffiti, exploration, personal boostpacks, and the musical stylings of Hideki Naganuma, the mind behind the funk-tastic soundtrack for the Jet Set Radio games.

You’ll choose your character, join a crew, and then explore the various neighborhoods of the city while skating, grinding, sliding, jumping and air-dashing your way around town.

You can get the smallest glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the 15-second teaser trailer below.

Visually the game looks like it came right out of Smilebit’s factory.

The cel-shaded look is still as timeless as ever, and it’s a great way to prevent your game from looking dated as heck. I’ve also always had a fondness for more artistically unique designs that stand out from the herd.

The characters and environments also look quite reminiscent of the Jet Set Radio universe, but with their own style and personality.

There aren’t a lot of details as far as the gameplay mechanics or even the story, but we do know that it will be a single-player focused experience (for now), and that it won’t be releasing until at the very least 2021. So far the only platform that it’s been announced for is PC, but don’t be surprised if home consoles end up being added to the slate at a later date.

You can, however, keep track of the development progress and news or information related to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk by visiting the Steam store page where the game can be wishlisted or followed.