Halo: Infinite’s Campaign Will Not Have 4 Player Split-Screen Co-op

After the birth of a new meme, which is jumbo Brute boi Craig, confusion bubbled up regarding Halo: Infinite’s campaign and how many people can play with each other via split-screen co-op and online play. Although the next-gen game may not support four-player co-op through split-screen, it does offer four-player online co-op.

To clarify the difference between “split-screen co-op” and “online co-op,” the former means that you can play a game on one console with up to two people in the same space while the latter means that from your console you can play with more than two people around the world online.

Although Halo: Infinite will let people experience both methods of co-op play, couch co-op is limited to two people while online co-op can go up to four players.

The above information comes from website gamingbolt.com, which sources 343 Industries’ Hook saying the following when misinformation was making its rounds around the web:

In case you can’t see the above tweet, Hook outlines Halo: Infinite’s split-screen and multiplayer campaign situation as written below:

“Hey everyone I saw some reports of campaign supporting 4 player Split screen for campaign and just want to correct. Halo Infinite will be supporting 2 player split screen and 4 player online co-op for campaign. Sorry about the confusion.”

Lastly, Halo: Infinite is still set to debut later this year, given that Microsoft has verified on multiple occasions that the next-gen game remains “on schedule to launch in Holiday 2020” for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X despite its recent campaign trailer looking dodgy.