Sleeping Dogs Movie Starring Donnie Yen Will Be A Breakthrough Action Film, As Per Report

If you happen to be a fan of both Donnie Yen and Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, then know that said actor and IP might hit the silver screen according to a new report. No word on a release date has surfaced, but what is known is that progress is moving forward on the movie as of this writing.

Known for his remarkable martial arts and clean feats in the movie business, Mr. Yen seems to be teasing progress as of late on the upcoming Sleeping Dogs movie.

The above information comes from publication site, which reports that the movie adaptation of the 2012 Square Enix game isn’t dead.

If you don’t know, the above website has a somewhat decent or notable track record when it comes to rumors and reporting on new stuff. For instance, the website made mention back on December 10th, 2019, that former PlatinumGames CEO Tsutomu Teranishi returned to Capcom with ex-PlatinumGames devs to start up a new company named M-Two. On March 30th, 2020, the publication site looked over Resident Evil 3 Remake’s credits and found his name, proving the rumor to be true.

As of today, the website sourced its latest info from social justice activist Daniel Ahmad. Ahmad’s latest tweet highlights a Weibo post from Yen saying that he’s “Excited to start his next challenge” and is “preparing for a new movie.” Additionally, Yen has “Sleeping Dogs” tagged in his Weibo post, as seen below:

Adding on to the above, Mr. Yen took to Instagram to post his excitement regarding the forthcoming action film and how he’ll assume the role of Wei Shen:

If you can’t see the post, here’s what it says:

“I am excited to start preparing for the next challenge and aiming to make another breakthrough movie!👌#sleepingdogs #actionmovie #videogames #thenameisWeiShen”

As noted above, no release window for Sleeping Dogs has been shared as of this writing, but that will more than likely change moving forward.