Deadlane, Horror Racing Game Heads To Kickstarter


Vscape Studios is working on an original game called Deadlane. It’s classified as a horror-racing title, sporting some survival elements, too. The game was inspired by asymmetrical multiplayer horror titles such as Dead By Daylight or Friday The 13th.

The game is currently available over on the Kickstarter page, where it will run from August 18th up through September 17th. They currently have a goal set at $30,000.

The game can be played either in single-player across multiple modes or as a multiplayer title. The objective is to out-survive five other racers in a chase or be-chased scenario. The game is basically themed around the knockout elimination game mode found in most other kart racers, such as Gas Guzzlers or Mario Kart.

The big hook for Deadlane is that the maps are horror themed and the player/CPU who is in control of the chaser is basically an undead specter who must transfer their undead state to another player and knock them out of the race before the end of each lap.

The last player in the lap is then cursed with being the chaser and must pass on their curse before the race ends.

But it doesn’t end there…

In addition to the chaser there are other horrors lurking around the track for players to watch out for, including vengeful spirits who have procedural behavior. They’ll attack at random and attempt to disrupt the race.

I don’t know if theming a game around an elimination knockout mode is the right call, but maybe it’s something other gamers are interested in. They also have other modes as well, including exhibition, time trials, online and offline modes for single or multiple players.

The one mode that actually seems really interesting is the Outrun Mode, which sees players attempting to outrun a fleet of various horrors. In this mode there are no laps or timers, your main goal is to simply survive. That seems kind of cool and it reminds me of a game I personally really fancied called Beware, where you’re out in the middle of nowhere and constantly trying to outrun a variety of nightmare creatures and other nightly terrors.

Anyway, if your interest in Deadlane is piqued, you can check out the Kickstarter page to learn more.

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