Multiple Developers Leave Lab Zero After A Failed Coup

Woke employees will always attempt to converge your company. Doing so gives their life purpose, it elevates them among their peers, and affords them the power they otherwise would never have. Many companies are waking up to this reality and are taking steps to avoid hiring the social justice oriented.

Recently Lab Zero went through a fairly ordinary convergence effort. Mike Z, the sole owner of the company, was accused by several employees of inappropriate actions publicly that the staff then used to oust him from the company. As Lab Zero has been a fairly woke company, it is anyone’s guess as to whether these allegations are false accusations or your typical reset the clock exposure that has become so prevalent from the left.

Regardless of the validity of the accusations, the three employees who have thus far resigned have illustrated in their resignation twitter posts how they attempted to hijack the company.

I’m here today because we asked him to leave over these behaviors. He apologized for his behavior and said he would, but has now turned around and said he won’t, all the whiel continuing to intimidate and bully employees. Mike is 100% shareholder of the company and as such, it is his right to say if he wants to.

After a rough 2019, the goal for Lab Zero was to become an employee-owned company, where everyone would have equity and the workers would enjoy the benefits of their work.

Instead of leaving Lab Zero peacefully, Mike refused to listen and has decided that everyone in the compay, including people he’s victimized, are wrong. His actions are insulting and unacceptable.

“Shortly after the public exposure of Mike Z’s interaction with a fan, the board and the rest of the employees decided the best thing to make the workplace safe again was asking Mike Z to leave Lab Zero.

However, Mike Z is the sole owner of Lab Zero Games, and seperating the owner from the company is not a fast or easy process.

The Board entered negotiations with Mike Z for terms of seperation while he was put on paid administrative leave. His terms were unrealistically high and even potentially illegal to force onto the company and employees. What he was asking for was absolutely unacceptable and undeserving for someone who had wronged so many people for so many years. The board and employees would not stand for someone to be handsomely rewarded for his ill behavior, and we rejected the majority of his terms.

With the last exchange, Mike Z reversed his stance and said he will not leave the company. He also removed all members of the board to assume full control of Lab Zero Games.

We were all stunned at how the situation degraded so quickly. But we were only insulted when he immediately tried to re-engage negotiations with essentially the same terms only a few days later.

While Mike Z thinks he may be acting what is best for the company, he is clearly in direct opposition to the health of the employees. He clearly no longer wishes to negotiate with any sensibility. To do what is best for friends and colleagues, I’m removing myself from Lab Zero Games.


When you break down their comments, a clear pattern emerges of entitlement and a misunderstanding of their position of power. Outside Lab Zero’s fandom, these individuals are unknown; they are not in demand, nor do they have extensive portfolios that will have companies fighting over them. They are expendable and will fade into obscurity one the drama dies down.

We might not ever know what fully went on inside the company. Yet it is a reasonable assumption that these three, along with those who will likely be joining them over the next couple days, would have been terminated over attempting to oust the owner. Owners don’t tend to tolerate that sort of treason.

It is especially worth noting that none of them mention what his terms were for departing the company. Instead, they state and insinuate that they were unreasonable demands that offended people who otherwise don’t have a say in the management of a company that has existed for just about eight years and only has two games to their name.

This is a relatively standard tactic of the left to tell you how to feel without actually understanding exactly what it is you are supposed to be against. At a minimum, Mike Z likely requested a complete buyout of his shares at a specific value worth millions. This is standard for departures, so of all possible demands, we can assume it is one of them. Logistically buying him out would likely leave the company financially destitute, so they rejected his demands and instead demanded he step down without compensation.

Of course, that is just hypothetical guesswork. Regardless of what transpired, it is very likely not done, and we will hear of more departures before long. With a surplus of labor in the industry, it is unlikely the company would find itself in a difficult position replacing those that depart, so in the end, this will either be the beginning of the end or a bump in the companies history.