Sega Wants To Release More Ports While Supporting PC Gaming Moving Forward

It looks like folks might be seeing more ports from Sega in the foreseeable future as well as better PC support from the company. This information comes from company CEO Haruki Satomi, and Vice President Koichi Fukazawa.

Thanks to publication site, we learn that Sega’s executives are more than pleased with Persona 4 Golden sales on Steam. Although the JRPG released in June of this year for PC, the game’s performance was much higher than the company’s expectations and has led executives at Sega to rethink business strategies moving forward.

With that said, the website also highlights that Sega is using Persona 4 Golden PC port as inspiration to actively deliver different versions of its already released portfolio of games for PC and other platforms.

In addition to the above, Sega is currently negotiating with various platforms about the release of its upcoming games and strives to develop new games with PC support in mind.

Anyway, you can read a snippet of Satomi and Fukazawa expressing future plans regarding more ports and PC support right here:

“Thanks to the high ratings and low price, sales of Persona 4 Golden were much higher than we expected. Therefore, we will continue to actively work on porting already released games to Steam and other platforms.

We also negotiate with platform holders about upcoming releases and consider the most convenient conditions for the release of each game. For example, we are going to deal with PC versions from the beginning of development and expect multi-platform releases.”

There’s no telling whether or not these new games for PC will release properly optimized with robust options, mod support, and so on. Right now, all that we know is that Sega wants to expand its reach while finally recognizing PC as being a noteworthy platform and not some insignificant thing.

Anyway, what do you think of all of this? Do you think Sega will actually keep its word, or do you think this is all talk and no commitment?