Necrofugitive: reverse horror game where you play as a demon

Reverse horror games are not nearly as common as horror games, but when they appear, they tend to be fan favorites: from Carrion to Maneater to Undertail’s genocide path.

Necrofugitive is another reverse horror game and in my opinion looks even better than Carrion, which it has some similarities to. It has no official release date, but there’s an excellent demo on Steam you can try to see if this is something you like.

The story of Necrofugitive has you playing as a demon worshipping cultist who murders his captors and escapes from prison. His fellow cultists were murdered in a witchhunting spree and now he is the last. Now, he is on the run, and armies are being assembled to hunt him down. The more he kills, the more he can transform into a gigantic terrifying demon who wrecks havoc on the pitiful humans who dare defy him. You can also summon a variety of creatures to help you bring devastation to the bounty hunters and knights who you come across.

Now, I should mention it’s roguelike – I know some gamers don’t like roguelikes. But if that doesn’t bother you, then this game should be right up your alley. The gameplay is similar to Carrion, in that you can wrap red tentacles around a man and possess/assume his body. There is also a major stealth factor with you creeping around dungeons hoping to avoid detection. The graphics are much better than Carrion (in Carrion you couldn’t even tell if your opponent was a man or a woman) and there is scary music to go with the tone. The final game will have full voice acting, including spoken dialogue.