Tunche – the next Hades?

Later this year will see the arrival of Tunche, a roguelite beat em up brawler set in the Amazonian jungle and created by an indie team from Peru. It is also set in the same universe as A Hat In Time, and Hat Kid will actually be a playable character with her own role in the story.

Explore the breathtaking, hand-drawn world of the Amazonian rainforest in the form of procedurally generated, action-filled levels – with vivid and beautiful backgrounds changing dynamically as you play.  A day-and-night cycle will also add new colors to an already familiar landscape. 

                                          “Every drawing is made with passion and care”

Unravel the secrets of mysterious amazonian legends. With the guidance of skillful artisans and wise scholars from your camp, learn the truth about Tunche and other inhabitants of the jungle.

Fight against hordes of mythical creatures of the jungle.  Always be on your guard – even the smallest enemies can become a serious threat in large numbers. Enemies come in different ways: nimble and light, cunning and careful, armored and bulky — find a way to defeat them all to make your way through the wilderness.  

Every playthrough is unique – The Jungle is ever-transforming, changing every time you play. With this roguelike approach to the classic beat’em up concept you’ll never know what dangers lie ahead. As your heroes become more powerful, you will be able to move deeper and deeper into the heart of this unforgiving rainforest.

 Face fearsome Bosses based on Latin American legends,  including Mapinguari – a colossal sloth-like creature, and Boutu- a dreadful giant dolphin. Every Boss has a unique set of deadly attacks to test your skill and reaction. They require a more strategic approach, so tread lightly. 

 Team up with friends in local co-op mode, and combine your strengths to defeat hordes of unforgiving enemies. Develop your characters together, help each other out in combat and have fun with authentic couch co-op. 

Customize a character to your liking by gaining experience and unlocking new skills, combos and equippable mods for their special powers. Come up with your own loadout to complement your playstyle and help you overcome any fight — no matter how hard it gets.