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1501793cookie-checkJupiter Hell Cheats Feature God Mode, Infinite Ammo
26 October 2021
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Jupiter Hell Cheats Feature God Mode, Infinite Ammo

The turn-based, role-playing, indie-made hardcore shooter from ChaosForge called Jupiter Hell has managed to carve out its place as an interesting new strategy-action title on the market, filling in the gap between those who liked measured, tactical games and those who like run-and-gun action titles. The mixture of the two within one game is quite the feat, not unlike Superhot, or other enemies-move-when-you-move games that force you to think about every move that you make. Well, if you decided to pick up a copy of the game, there are a few cheats available for you to make use of to ease the difficulty setting.

The first cheat trainer is available both in free and premium formats from over on

The trainer contains the following Jupiter Hell cheats:

10 XP

-10 XP

Infinite Ammo

+100 XP

+1,000 XP

The free cheats include being able to add and remove experience points. Now I know this probably isn’t the sort of thing you would see as being useful – especially removing experience points – but adding infinite experience means you can quickly level up without having to grind through the game to earn the experience necessary to get strong.

The other cheats all require a membership or a premium account to make use of the more useful cheats, such as the god mode or being able to max out your inventory with 99 items.

There’s a free cheat table available for the Cheat Engine over on Fearless Revolution.

The cheat table features the following cheats for Jupiter Hell:

Infinite HP

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Items

The table was just recently updated to match the latest version of the game on Steam. Depending on the popularity of the game (and likewise the trainer) will determine how frequently it’s updated to match each new patch for Jupiter Hell.

The cheat table doesn’t quite offer as many options as Megadev, but something is better than nothing right? And plus, the cheat table is free, so it’s not like you lose anything to make use of it.

As for the game, Jupiter Hell is set on a remote base in deep space that’s been overrun with demons, zombies, and abominable monstrosities from the outer realm. You’ll play as a soldier attempting to rip, tear, and blast your way through the hordes. Only, the game is played like a turn-based strategy game in some ways, since the enemies only move when you move. So every space you take, they’ll be watching you.

If you play it cautiously it will give you time to react and kill your targets effectively. If you move fast and recklessly, you may still survive just by giving zero fooks and laying waste to everything in your way.

Jupiter Hell is available right now over on the Steam store for just $24.99.

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