SJWs Turn on Gearbox Over Cthulu Inclusion In Borderlands 3 Expansion

There are few things more exhausting in life than dealing with the rapid spread of Social Justice over franchises. At the same time as their opinions are as vacuous as their commitment to their own creed, we are forced to endure a dick measuring contest of who can be the most progressive and find the […]

David Jaffe Scolds SJW Media For Calling God of War’s Kratos “Misogynist”

David Scott Jaffe by a Liberal, and he occasionally shares views on Twitter and YouTube that contradict the rules of common sense, but he’s at least not afraid of calling out the corrupt media that constantly badgers gamers over the head with this idea that any character that isn’t a simpering cuckold or weak-willed beta […]

Wasteland 3 Opening Is Filled With SJW Propaganda

You can’t even start up a game these days without being slapped in the face with Left-wing propaganda. That’s what happened with Wasteland 3, the upcoming turn-based strategy game from inXile Entertainment. After Microsoft bought out inXile there were some gamers who thought that this meant great things for the company and it would allow […]

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! Anime Will Trigger Feminists And SJWs Starting July

After causing the social justice types to have an aneurysm over being featured as a poster girl for a Red Cross blood drive, Uzaki-chan is now going to cause heads to explode when she makes her anime debut this July.

YouTuber Melonie Mac Calls Out Gaming Industry’s SJWs, Misandry, Cancel Culture

I don’t know how long her video is going to stay up, but content creator Melonie Mac, who boasts more than 328,000 subscribers, took the gaming industry to task for the horrible infestation of Social Justice Warriors, the misandry being spread against man, and the Cancel Culture cultists who cost people their jobs because they […]

Zweihander Devs Don’t Want Anti-SJWs, Anti-Woke People To Buy Or Play Their Games

The RPG handbook, Zweihander, made some waves back in late 2019 when it was discovered it featured politically correct characters and stories, as well as “gender neutrality” when it came to pronouns and references, which led to some criticisms from gamers who weren’t keen on supporting mental illness, as outlined in a post on the […]

ViZ Media Hires SJW Who Wanted More LGBT Propaganda In Anime

ViZ Media, a distributor and publisher of anime and manga based out of San Francisco, California, recently hired a new member to the team, a certain comic book artist named D.J. Kirkland. It turns out that Kirkland is a raging Social Justice Warrior, and went on a rant condemning weebs for not being more open […]

FOGcon Bans Dynamite Thor’s Jon Del Arroz After He Criticized SJWs

Jon Del Arroz is currently trying to get the comic book Dynamite Thor funded on Kickstarter. The comic was apparently shadowbanned on Kickstarter, according to a post on Facebook made by Arroz on February 21st, 2020, but the comic is currently showing up in general searches on search engines. However, any additional help the comic […]

Armada Style, Japanese Company Apologizes To SJWs For Featuring Black Model

Maker of beauty products, Armada Style, came under fire for featuring an afro-haired black model in their promotional ad featured throughout Japan. This led to Social Justice Warriors getting angry and claiming that the company was racist, which led to the company apologizing for the ad and saying they would take it down.

Panic Arts Studios CEO Targeted By SJWs For Criticizing Immigrants

As the world crumbles down around our ears, people are finally getting fed up with having their country, their culture, and their lives being put at stake due to traitorous politicians trying to incite manufactured genocide by carelessly opening the borders to all manner of barbarians, savages, and criminals. When Panic Art Studios CEO, Elias […]

Grayskale Anti-SJW Comic Has 2 Days Left On IndieGoGo

Anti-SJW comic Grayskale: Welcome To Glitter City from Michael Derrick is oh-so-close to its financial goal of just $5,000. However, since he’s not quite the heavyweight in the business like some others, getting the word out has been difficult, especially with every major media outlet being a converged Leftist mouthpiece.

LINDA Kickstarter Makes Triumphant Return After Being Cancelled By SJWs

MiKandi Japan and PUSH! Publication announced that their collaboration with mangaka artist LINDA is still going strong and they’re back to crowdfunding the translation projects that they had originally scheduled before they were disrupted by Social Justice Warriors intent on canceling the project.

Former Wrestler Val Venis Says He’s Had Enough Of SoyBoys And SJWs Ruining Different Mediums, And He Won’t Back Down

It’s rare to see someone out of the blue take to the frontlines and break through the SJW defenses, but here we are with former WWE star Val Venis saying that he’s had enough of soyboys and SJWs ruining various mediums and that he’s not backing down.

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