Much of your time in Outland will be spent in heroic dungeons, for both the daily quest and to obtain epic level gear and badges of justice, which are used to purchase powerful items. One of the best classes to take you through these difficult heroics is the Warlock. Aside from its outstanding DPS, Warlock has access to a wide array of tools and utility. These include:

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The self-proclaimed rival character archetype.

The self-proclaimed rival character archetype has been far too dull for far too long. They are characters that lack any real depth and create no amount of attachment to the reader. From the pathetic and shallow Bakugo from Boku no Hero Academia, who does nothing but scream and shout, to Leopold Vermillion from Black Clover, who achieves nothing and has no character depth.

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WoW Classic: TBC – The Race to 70 (Caster)

So, you’ve found yourself in a group ready to spam dungeons the instance the Dark Portal opens, but there is a question on your mind – how do I prepare for the dungeon grinding just a few days ahead of me? For WoW, the is an instance cap, meaning that you can only enter five different instances in an hour, and most power-levelling groups will seek to use this figure as a sort of benchmark. To maximise the speed of your XP gain, you will be aiming to complete your instance reset it every 12 minutes.

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Riot reveals the much-anticipated Dr Mundo rework

After more than a year in the works, the abilities and the design of the Dr Mundo rework have been revealed for the game League of Legends. Riot has managed to create a refreshing and new design while keeping Dr Mundo’s core personality and character traits intact. While his Q and R abilities are effectively the same, his W, E and passive have been touched up to bring Dr Mundo up to modern standards and in line with the more mobility and CC focused game that is modern League of Legends.

Below is his new skill set:

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Destiny Raid Rerelease and Introduction of Crossplay

Destiny 2 fans rejoice as one of their original raids, the Vault of Glass, will be rereleased at 6pm BST on May 22. Players are left wondering once again who will emerge victorious in the race for the world first, as well as what differences this new iteration will bring, and if any new challenges will be introduced for veterans of the game.

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Players are furious with the release of the TBC prepatch


If someone brings up the topic of Blizzards and their blunders, at this point, nothing will surprise me. The recent TBC Prepatch maintenance was extended multiple times throughout the day, being extended more than twelve hours than was originally promised, and ever since the update, the game has been anything less than optimised. Blizzard’s actions in rectifying these faults have been anything less than well done, and have only damaged the playerbase’s motivation to play.

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Why you should watch: Shadows House

From this season of anime, nothing has grabbed my attention quite like Shadows House, and you only need one look at it to see why it is so interesting. It is clear from the start that the setting is quite out of the ordinary, with the members of the Shadows family depicted completely in black excluding their clothes. The main character, Emilico, is a living doll that lives to serve her corresponding member of the Shadows family, Kate.

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Riot Games Releases New Valorant Map.

In the hit tactical shooting game and CS:GO clone, Valorant has initiated its new act as of the 27th. Included in this new act is the “amazing” new map called Breeze. While I am for the greedy endeavours of big corporations, this map fucking sucks. This troplical paradise creates a great new place for Valorant fans to get shot at at all new angles. Included in the map are vents that send you from one location to another, which opens up a brand new array of tactics to strategize and cuss out your team over.

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Why you should read Frieren at the Funeral

Frieren at the Funeral is a curious manga. It doesn’t have a distinct and gripping storyline that it follows – but it certainly has a destination. The story is set years after the demise of the Demon King, and as time passes, the heroes that killed him and saved the world die from age. First it was the humans, then the stoutly dwarf, and now all who is left is Frieren, the elf. Of course, aging isn’t much a concern for Frieren – elves live hundreds of years after all, but as the story progresses, she realises that she misses the people she adventured with all those years ago.

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