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Major Leak Claims Cyberpunk 2077 Will Make a No Man’s Sky Style Recovery

Cyberpunk 2077

Never a dull moment when we are granted a potential inside look at what is occurring at a developer currently facing trouble. Such moments give us a view into what will happen going forward, what is happening, and what we can expect out of the studio.

For some, like Arkane Studios, we hear of an ideological purge that has left the surviving non-Marxists bitter and resentful towards the other half of the studio. Of a great push for games as service by Zenimax, which clued us in as to how bad Fallout 76 would be. Given the parent company allowed these behaviors to occur and wanted GaaS titles.

Recently a developer on a forum has potentially given us insight into what is transpiring at CDPR. Of a studio with incompetent management, nepotism, and a bright future for Cyberpunk 2077 in a few years. According to the supposed developer, we will have to wait for patches and expansion packs that will readd content removed or was unable to be completed during development. Yet, we will get to a state when the game becomes as it was advertised.

Essentially rendering the game’s launch an early access release. Below is the entire post with no edits aside from the inclusion of question marks around quoted paragraphs. Below the leak, we will examine the validity and potential this leak has for being accurate.


Taken from a thread where supposed CDPR developer was speaking anonymously:

This is still very hush hush, but I’m fed up with this s*** so I’ll disclose a few details.

CDPR hurt themselves to keep investors safe and sound. Now devs are hearing plans of a “No Man’s Sky” style comeback due to late June. The first two patches should come out mid-March, despite what’s been said by top execs. There will be major departures from the studio in the coming months. Dev morale is on an all time down and Sony is roasting our asses due to the gigantic volume of refund requests. There will be a meeting today with Sony execs to figure out a way to compensate players threatening with legal action. Sony Japan is specially furious.

More to come in the next couple weeks. Feels terrible, man.

“There’s no finger pointing as of now. Word on memos comes from the top. The directors and senior devs are taking the flak for the team in what I’d call “an honourable move”. Just so you know, we still joke about a quest that got rewritten more than a dozen times, because a certain top dog wasn’t “feeling it”. It ended up being cut from the final product and should come on a later DLC next year.”

There’s people that get hired for whatever reason and stay in the company due to being “trusted by the top dogs”. A good chunk of code is getting scrapped and rewritten from scratch. The intended game might be ready by June 2021.

“That’s already done and ready since February. It didn’t get implemented because of a major UI bug that is still present in the retail copies. If you open your .dat files you’ll find a lot of scrapped content still in there.”

If you want a refund, please ask for it. It positively impacts us as devs, because we’ve warned the leads a MILLION times about that kind of s***. Most cosmetic overhauls should be ready by the 2nd big update, hopefully.

The update that is due to June will sort out all of the bugs. The code for the PS4/Xbox One is getting scrapped and done separately. PS5’s code is an improvement on the PC due to the awesome dev kit Sony put together for this gen.

“You’d be amazed by how much is already done. That “cut content so people finish the main quest” talk was all bulls***. Most apartments with “Closed (locked)” indications used to be lootable, we’ve scrapped 50,000+ lines of dialogue and I believe the June update will bring a whole lot of cut content back into the game.”

Address the cut content as well. If they see that you guys are asking for s*** to be put back into the game, we might actually make the game we intended back in 2018. There used to be a huge underground part of the city that the public never got to see because it “looked ugly” to the execs. It was f***ing awesome and felt like the malkavian/nosferatu path on Vampire the Masquerade.

I don’t want to hate on Keanu, but f***ing hell, our original Johnny was way cooler and sounded like a maniac. Think Foltest on crack. I don’t appreciate his acting either, but he’s a very nice man. Walked up to us personally to greet us on the first day and took time to personally thank us one by one when they wrapped up recording.

The word is his fee was actually manageable and the need for a Star Talent came from outside CDPR. The execs complied, because who the f*** knows? It sucks.

Our original Johnny was heavily inspired by David Hayter’s Solid Snake from the first MGS and believe it or not, Cillian Murphy

There was a whole AI routine with minor gang violence in those areas. Stuff you could sit back and watch unfold or directly influence. There was also a lot of drug use with kids that eventually got cut due to inside censorship. There were priests and hare krishna side arcs that got cut due to censorship. Miles wrote a sidequest where a Max Tac officer offed himself and you could take its place but it created such a complex detour from everything tonally that it got cut as well. I hope it comes back, because it felt amazing to get into their headquarters and hack s***. You’d see the police trying to operate and breaking down mid-arrest due to your shenanigans.

Might sound weird, but the disaster launch was actually something beneficial, from our perspective. A cold shower sets priorities straight and so we’re able to resume work on what was originally intended without having those f***ers breathing down our necks to publish.

I believe it was due to miscommunication and leads not setting goals like they should. The game was jumbled together for 2019’s E3. The last dev comp before the scrap was 160Gb alone. There should be some whistleblowing in the coming weeks if the step downs

Series X was a mere rewrite of code and load orders. Next-gen’s architecture is actually very good for ports. It’s company policy to release when a game runs without debug hitches and the reason why it did baffles me and is the reason why I started this thread. It’s a mix of hubris and deep incompetence from some big names around here. I’m going home for the holidays and really thinking about my friends who will be in the office for the next couple months redoing scrapped work without being able to say “I f***ING TOLD YOU!!! This is your fault, Boss”. Next E3 will be bizarre for CDPR, I bet.

We’ve scrapped two whole arcs because the mission cleaned a save due to a bug with character placement. We’ve also scrapped a big portion of the underground and sewers because of bugs. Night City had three different types of cab besides Villefort and drivers would hold whole conversations and give quests. That also had to be scrapped.

Police pathfinding script worked wonderfully until somebody screwed the pooch. All I know it is already being fixed. It was a major oversight, of course.

Morgan Blackhand’s backstory and a nod to the Coporate Wars. The DLC’s will add a lot to the crazy and cool ideas Mike gave us when we began briefing the project. You guys should have the complete game by the end of next year, if everything goes well. I really gotta go now. Take care.

So yeah, the game was butchered

Rumor Analysis: Maybe

There is a lot to unpack with this rumor. Firstly, the source itself cannot be verified or refuted, so the rumor’s validity will boil down to the information’s legitimacy rather than whether the source itself has a good track record or can be trusted.

CDPR planning on making a comeback similar to No Man Sky is a no brainer. The game, despite the backlash, has gone on to sell over 13 million copies. Naturally, CDPR would attempt to capitalize on this by selling DLC comprised of concepts that were already in development, but were cut because of the development hell leading up to the game’s release.

Employee morale being at an all-time low is pretty easy to surmise, and inklings of discontent have already made their way onto the internet for some time. After all, it is hard to maintain high morale when the people you pandered to didn’t buy your game and are now calling you Hitler. With several lawsuits being filed against the company, you can bet there will be high-level departures.

Collectively the companies management has lost over a billion dollars in wealth as short-sellers have seized on the opportunity to make a swift profit on the continued devaluation of the stock. Times like this will cause some to leave after losing that wealth. Others will depart because it is time to fall on the sword. The remaining departures will be of those that did not deserve their position and continued to fill the company with nepotistic hires. (See Vox Days work on SJW infiltration of corporations)

Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from its storefront and is offering universal refunds for any purchase that occurred digitally. It stands to reason, a meeting between CDPR’s management and Sony will occur. How they will go will be determined by the strength of the negotiators. CDPR appears to be in a weakened position, but the strong sales demonstrate otherwise. If the company leverages the game’s long-term viability and their future titles in negotiations, Sony may have no other choice but to bend the knee or risk Microsoft securing another exclusive.

Sony, who has exploited the law’s delay in catching up with the industry, knows very well legal proceedings against CDPR will likely end in failure or a pyrrhic victory. The latter’s case will occur in a few years when the game is in a phenomenal state, and they will want it on the PS5. Though is CDPR comes in weak, they could be threatened into an arrangement where they present Sony with some sort of exclusivity arrangement. Most likely for advertisement, though when negotiations occurred with Bethesda over paid mods, Sony secured two VR games the company had previously stated they had no intention of making.

The updates being delayed are not too surprising given the game’s state and how much work would be required to bring the game up to standard.

Nepotistic hiring should have been obvious. It is how SJWs operate as they converge a company. Unsurprisingly the segments of code these hires worked on will have to be rewritten. Though this part cannot be confirmed, it is almost guaranteed given the company’s convergence.

During the investor call that guaranteed the game would not be delayed further, investors were already asking why the last generation versions of the game were not being developed separately from the working next-gen and pc versions. CDPR stated they would release every version of the game simultaneously. Still, it would make sense given the hardware differences between the sets of consoles to split development with the current situation.

Cut content has been discovered and restored by modders already. As of now, no one has delved into the code, or at the very least, if they have, it hasn’t become public, so it cannot be confirmed if cut content is still referenced in the files.

In earlier showings of the game, a subway system was featured that would go underground. It was showcased in teaser wallpaper and was shown early in development. Now all that remains of the feature are the above-ground rail lines you can gain access to through exploiting glitches.

It is probably a good thing Johnny Silverhand changed. He was not an insane radical in the pen and paper, though he did oppose corporations. This statement does go a long way in explaining why Johnny’s personality appears to be radically different at times during the game. That doesn’t offer confirmation, but it does offer some credibility to the claim.

Claims the blowback is good for the developers does ring true. Corporate doesn’t tend to care unless it impacts their bottom line. Multiple lawsuits and a billion lost in wealth definitely impact the bottom line. Sadly most people are too short-sighted to make course corrections before things become serious problems because they’re not problems in the moment. This leads to Cyberpunk 2077s and the Bethesda Engine debacles of the industry.

When the company is forced to come to terms with the reality of the situation, things improve for developers. Many nepotistic hires are likely to get gone, and conditions are sure to improve at the company, so these aspects of the rumor hold truth to them.

If the rumor is true, it offers us some insights into what is about to transpire at CDPR. If it is false, someone did their homework on psychology and wrote a convincing performance. Yet without that confirmation that this is an actual employee, the rumor will have to remain as a maybe. With time’s advancement, we will see if several of the future predictions pan out to be true or not.

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Infernal Radiance Impressions

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Anime News Network Launches a Preemptive Censorship and Gaslighting Campaign for Redo of Healer

(Warning This article contains minor spoilers for Redo of Healer)

Christmas came early this year with the announcement that Redo the Healer would get an anime adaptation. Redo of Healer, or as it is known in Japan, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, is a series that started as a light novel before being adapted into a successful manga. Similar to Shield Hero, the main protagonist experiences an insane level of hardship before realizing he can use his healing magic to reset the world by four years. Granting him the opportunity to right the wrongs he experienced and witnessed.


At this point, you may be wondering what could possibly have the perpetually offended up in arms. To put it succinctly, Keyaru’s vengeance is rather brutal. One character who raped him after he was raped, drugged, and abused by multiple people, including a male hero, he rapes before altering her memories, so she will never even know she was raped.

This has, according to reporting from Sankaku Complex, sent the Anime New Networks CEO, along with the outlet’s Chief Editor into a preemptive censorship and gaslighting campaign.

This series is certain to cause a lot of controversy, and Anime News Network welcomes and encouraged discussion of this anime and even the social issues that it touches upon. However rape is never an acceptable punishment and we will not tolerate any posts that even remotely suggest that it is.

Furthermore we will not tolerate posts that take glee in the controversy that this show is likely to cause, nor will we tolerate any posts that appear to be trollish or baiting in nature.

Finally, we ask that all posters be considerate of those who may read these threads and have past traumatic experiences.

Failure to abide by this will result in immediate and permanent removal from our community.

Discussion or criticism of this policy may be made in the feedback forum.

Christopher Macdonald

Anime News Network Publisher

As for the controversy the series has generated, it is not for everyone. As previously stated, the protagonist gets revenge in some pretty heinous ways. To such a degree it is perplexing how this show got greenlit for an official anime release and should raise concern if the series will dumbed down the plot as Shield Hero previously did.

What Anime News Network is not telling you is the people he gets revenge on are absolutely despicable. In particular, the two princesses of the kingdom delight in raping, drugging, and breaking the main character in the original timeline. Flare, the first princess of Jioral Kingdom, uses the main character as a pack mule. When he is not carrying their stuff, he is a literal training dummy for her lackeys. She routinely beats him and gets him addicted to a drug that he has to do tricks like a dog if he wants access.

Her sister and second princess of the Jioral Kingdom was considerably nicer to Keyaru. Only raping him after witnessing her sister didn’t entirely break him. Don’t mistake her for anything approaching decent. During their war with the Demon Lord, she poisons a captured city and orders three others to be burnt to the ground by her sister. All that to hinder reinforcements that might arrive and liberate the cities.

Also on display is a homosexual who rapes and abuses both men and women. Alongside him is a pedophile who, when his victims become too old, kills and taxidermies them. Preserving their youthful beauty for all eternity.

Perhaps if they were not ignorant of the source material, they would be aware that both Shield Hero and Redo of Healer take staunch anti-slavery stances. In the latter, slavery and abuse become the driving point of the ongoing hostilities between demi-humans and humans. Naofumi’s need for a slave makes vastly more sense in the original print and manga as his life is considerably worse and mistreated. Placing him in a position where his only option is to have a partner who will not question his commands. Without spoiling what will happen in Redo of Healer there is an entire arc involving slavery that ends in spectacular fashion.

If the anime adaptation sticks true to the source material, Christmas will indeed have come early. Like Shield Hero, it tackles serious issues from a male perspective without sugar-coating the world or his driving motivations. If it succeeds, it will demonstrate a market demand for more mature works, so publishers will be less likely to shy away from “controversial” works. As a bonus, it’ll rile up the perpetually offended who will be unable to do anything about the series success—a triple win.

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