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Stuck In A Web: How Game Journalism Lost Its Originality
Spider-Man Dump Truck

On September 7th, a thread was posted on Twitter with criticisms that the recent PS4 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man had turned the…

Stuck Between Points: How Waypoint Got Lost Within Its Own Hypocrisy
Waypoint Entitlement

By now, if you’re a gamer in tune with game’s media, you’ve probably heard of Waypoint. The gaming subdivision of…

Culture clash: How Arkane Got Stuck Between Two Competing Ideologies

[Note: The following article was composed with the consent of multiple sources within Arkane/Zenimax. This is based on verified testimonies…

Far Cry 5 Review
Far Cry 5 Review

(This is a guest post based on an article that originally appeared on Medium) Far Cry 5 is without a…

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