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Xbox One Update Will Add Messaging Filters For The Safe Space Generation
Xbox One

Instead of focusing on adding more games to their library or providing users with a reason to even boot up…

The Batman Race-Swaps Catwoman By Casting Zoe Kravitz
The Batman - Catwoman Blackwashed

Absolutely nothing is safe from the touch of postmodernists. They swarm and feed on the carcass of creativity that wallows…

Stack Exchange Code of Conduct Update Enforces Pronoun Rule
Stack Exchange

Degeneracy is like a virus. It seeps through the pores of tolerance, and infects everything beneath the surface of kindness….

Portals Movie Isn’t Based On The Game But It Is A Sci-Fi Horror Flick

There’s a new sci-fi horror flick coming soon called Portals, from the filmmakers who made V/H/S and The Blair Witch…

Postal 4: No Regerts Enters Early Access On Steam
Postal 4

Running With Scissors announced that the irreverent first-person shooter, Postal 4: No Regrets, has entered into Early Access on the…

TeamSpeak Sending Out Beta Invites For New And Improved Voice Chat

A blast from the past is making a return to form, with the all new TeamSpeak set to launch soon….

Overwatch E-Sports Coach Justin Conroy Directed To Delete Tweet Critical Of Blizzard’s Censorship
Overwatch Censorship

All those associated with or connected to Blizzard Entertainment are under strict supervision when it comes to their social media…

Vic Mignogna Reportedly Set To Appeal Ruling In Funimation Lawsuit
Vic Mignogna

The lawsuit that actor Vic Mignogna filed against Funimation, Ron Toye, Monica Rial, and Jaimie Marchi was dismissed by the…

Lilitales Launches Uncensored On Jast USA, MangaGamer, And Fakku!

Kagura Games announced that Tunnel No.73’s H-JRPG, Lilitales, is currently available for purchase from a multitude of digital storefronts, including…

President Donald Trump Joins Twitch
Donald Trump Twitch

President Donald Trump has joined, and there’s going to be a lot of salt flowing from the groups suffering…

Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC Has Exclusive Single-Player Missions, Weapons, Treasure Maps
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Exclusive

Rockstar Games’ release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC will come with various exclusive content, including a number of…

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Replaces Zeta’s Panties With Spats
Granblue Fantasy Versus - Zeta

For everyone who has been paying attention to Sony’s censorship policies for PS4 releases within the last year and a…

Gearbox’s Controversies And Anti-Consumer Behavior Recounted In YouTube Video
Randy Pitchford

The reputation of Gearbox Software is one that went from an undulating wave into a straight slant off the side…

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