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SJW Media Attacks Valve For Not Preventing Review Bombs On Steam
Valve Under Attack

In a recent update over on the Steam store, Valve made a lengthy post explaining how they were addressing review…

5 Horror Adventure Games You Will Love and Be Terrified Of
Horror Games

As a gamer, whether you’re a pro or a newbie, you may struggle to find the right horror adventure game…

SJWs Rush To Defend GI Joe Comic Writer As Fans Call For Firing

Social Justice Warriors across social media and the Leftist-entertainment media sector have come out of the woodwork to defend IDW…

Open Discussion: September 17th, 2017

That’s right, the latest Open Discussion has arrived and that means you can sound off as usual and tell OAG…

Weekly Recap Sept 16th: PewDiePie Vs The Internet, Google Gets Sued By SJWs
Weekly Recap

The Culture War has seemingly taken over every single aspect of the entertainment community. You can’t piss words five feet…

Gab.Ai Suing Google For Antitrust Violation
Gab vs Google

Back in August of 2017, Google banned the app from the Google Play store on the grounds that the…

Figuring Out How Poorly Mass Effect: Andromeda Sold
Mass Effect Andromeda Poor Sales

The top 10 best-selling games of 2017 isn’t looking too hot. We’re past the midway point of the year prepping…

Google Sued By Former Female Employees For Wage Gap Discrimination
Google Sued

After the government decided to sue Google over claims of the company discriminating in pay against its female employees, another…

Overwatch Dev Says Anti-SJW Behavior Has Slowed Down Development

Game director Jeff Kaplan for Overwatch took time out to address the community about “toxicity” in the game, perpetuated by…

4 Free Games Any Android User Should Try
Asphalt Xtreme

There is a plethora of free Android games on the market, with new content being released almost daily, it seems….

Online Bookers

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post] The online bookmaker you use can determine the kind of betting experience you will…

How to boost your winning chances when gaming

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post] Tired of losing game upon game to your friends? As the embarrassment kicks in,…

PewDiePie Apologizes For Profane Language; Media Still Attacks Him
PewDiePie Apologizes

YouTube content creator Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg – commanding an impressive subscriber army of 57 million people – issued an apology…

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