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Overwatch League Articles Misrepresenting Geguri Get Rebuked By E-Sports Consultant
Overwatch Geguri

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson — yes, the same Grayson who was responsible for destroying what little remained of video game journalism…

Google Removes Hundreds Of Websites From GNews [Updated]
Google's Gulag

[Update: Following the publication of this article, some website owners are saying that their sites are being restored to GNews.]…

Vice, Anti-GamerGate Website Suspends Andrew Creighton, Mike Germano For Sexual Misconduct
Vice GamerGate Sexual Misconduct

Vice was one of the leading voices that falsely claimed that #GamerGate was about harassment, misogyny, and sending death and…

SJWs Attempt To Conflate Wichita Swatting Murder With #GamerGate
GamerGate Swatting

With zero evidence, nothing but their own words, and a platform on social media to spread their agitprop, Social Justice…

Wichita Police Kill Innocent Man Following Swatting Prank Call
Call of Duty Swatting

On December 29th, 2017 The Wichita Eagle reported that Kansas police had killed an innocent man on December 28th, 2017….

Examining The Growing “EA Did Nothing Wrong” Argument

I think it’s time that gamers and normies alike take up a magnifying glass and peer into the growing argument…

Polygon Writer Kieran Shiach Rallies SJWs To Take Down Diversity And Comics’ Patreon
Polygon SJW

Kieran Shiach, a contributor for Polygon and Comic Book Resources, has been rallying his followers and others within the SJW…

Lineage 2: Revolution Female Characters Censored For Western Release
Lineage 2 Censorship

NetMarble’s Lineage 2: Revolution originally launched in Asia back in 2016 and only recently made its way to the West… Apologizes To SJWs For Sharing PC Master Race Image Of Terry Crews
Terry Crews PCMR

Social Justice Warriors have deemed the decade old meme “PC Master Race” as inappropriate and offensive. It was a term…

キャサリン・フルボデ を ィオーバー怒りを攪拌するKotakuと多角形の試み
Catherine It's Really A Trap

アイデンティティの政治は、現代のゲームへの悩みの種でしかなかったです。すべては、これらの日は、いくつかのフォーム、ファッションや方法で、ジェンダーの政治を中心に、スピーチのいくつかの並べ替えとクエスト、テーマや方向性を泥沼になってきているので、多くのすべての西のゲームとなるよう、identitarianismについてです。それが原因のような、それらを追い抜いている明白な政治問題にいくつかのゲーマーが自分の好きなフランチャイズの一部を支援するオプトアウトしているように普及していますアンドロメダ:マスエフェクトやウルフェンシュタイン2:新しい巨像。 Ads (learn more about our advertising policies here)

Polygon, Kotaku Attempt To Stir Outrage Over Catherine: Full Body Being Transphobic
Catherine It's Really A Trap

Identity politics has been nothing but a bane to modern day gaming. Everything is about identitarianism, so much so that…

Netflix’s Bright Pilloried By SJW Movie Critics For Not Being Woke Enough
Bright Netflix

If you don’t toe the Liberal line expect to be pilloried by the overlords of SJW media. In this case,…

Comic Writer Alex De Campi Blames White Males For SJW Comics Failing
Judge Dredd - SJW

Comic book writer Alex de Campi – famous for having written Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd, Ghost in the Shell, Archie…

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