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Xbox’s “Our Blacks” Tweet Gets Mocked By Anti-SJWs And Ridiculed By SJWs
Blacks At Xbox

Whenever you try to play the game of identitarianism the only winners are the memers. In this case, Microsoft thought…

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Forum Topics Criticizing SJW Politics Get Censored, Banned
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 SJW Censorship

It has begun. If there’s ever any question or doubt about whether a developer has decided to plunge neck deep…

Editorial: The Unofficial Japanese Media Embargo
Japan Embargo

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Chaotic Thinker regarding the recent censorship and content suppression sweeping through the…

ResetEra, Eurogamer, Newsweek Attempt To Ruin Devil May Cry 5 Voice Actors’ Careers
Devil May Cry 5

Voice actor Joey Camen is the voice of Morrison in Capcom’s latest Devil May Cry 5 outing. Certain forums and…

According To “Journalists” Days Gone Is Too White And Has Players Killing Innocent Children

Days Gone is an upcoming third-person survival shooter game that’s set to launch exclusively on PS4 on April 26th, 2019….

British Politician Blames Migrant Knife Crimes On Video Games, Pornography
DOOM British Violent Video Games

British politicians are claiming that they’re dumbfounded at the rapid rise in knife crimes in London, England. They’ve opted to…

Eurogamer Whinges Woefully About Dead Or Alive 6’s Sexy Chicks… And Donald Trump
Dead or Alive 6

The Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Many Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, and Independents lost friends, family members, and loved ones to…

Stop Politicizing Video Games With Race, Sex, Diversity, Says YouTuber The Act Man
SJWs Get Out

One YouTuber in the upper-brackets of the content creation circuit finally decided to have some balls and take a position…

YouTubers, Gamers Locked In Debate Over Mortal Kombat 11’s De-Sexualized Females
Mortal Kombat Sex Appeal

The media has spent the last seven years hammering home the point that men shouldn’t find sexualized depictions of fictional…

Social Justice Warriors Target Niche Gamer Owner Brandon Orselli’s Child Over Catherine Article
Catherine Full Body

Social mob justice is a new form of preventing people from expressing unpopular opinions in public that rub the extremists…

Washington Post Sued By Covington Catholic School Student For $250 Million After Publishing Fake News
Covington Kids

Washington Post is the first of many mainstream news outlets that are being targeted for legal recourse over misreported coverage…

Chase Bank Shuts Down Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio’s Bank Account
Enrique Tarrio

After Gavin McInnis stepped down as the leader of the Proud Boys back in November of 2018, and later filed…

Amazon’s New World Is Labeled “Problematic” And A “Great White Fantasy”, According to Journalists

In the day and age where one can assume something to be “problematic” and use a platform with reach to…

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