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Bully Hunters Officially Shut Down By FCB Organizers
Bully Hunters

FCB Chicago, the parent company and organizer behind the Bully Hunters program, announced that they are shutting down the Bully…

SteelSeries, CyberpowerPC, Vertagear Disavow Bully Hunters
Bully Hunters

[Update 4/16/2018: Bully Hunters has officially been shut down] [Original story:] The Bully Hunters was supposed to be a group…

Crunchyrollがダンまち~メモリア・フレーゼ~ Touching機能は決してアメリカ人のために意図されていなかったと主張する
DanMachi Memoria Freese Censorship

Crunchyrollはモバイルゲームのダンまち~メモリア・フレーゼ~の英語版から削除されたインタラクティブなタッチ機能に関する公式声明を発表し、アメリカ人がこの機能にアクセスすることは決して意図されていないと述べ、アメリカ人にプロモーションコンテンツの機能を参照してください。 Ads (learn more about our advertising policies here)

Crunchyroll Claims DanMachi Memoria Freese Touching Feature Was Never Intended For Americans
DanMachi Memoria Freese Censorship

Crunchyroll issued an official statement about the interactive touching feature that was removed from the English release of the mobile…

Crunchyroll Removes DanMachi Memoria Freese Trailer To Erase Evidence Of False Advertisement
DanMachi Memoria Freese

It’s been brought to our attention by YouTuber Scratch Point that Crunchyroll, the current localization publisher for the Western release…

Infographic Shows The Glorious Rise Of The PC Master Race
PC Master Race

Anti-gaming media outlets and enthusiast press have been attempting to undermine and attack the Glorious PC Master Race community ever…

Anime Fan Warns Community Of Potential AnimeGate As Anime Goes Mainstream
Anime Censorship

Some anime fans have been contacting us for a while with hints and tips about certain forms of censorship, localization…

DanMachi: Memoria Freese Censored For English Gamers, Localizers Say It’s Not Censorship
DanMachi Memoria Freese

CrunchyRoll’s community team for the English release of the mobile dungeon crawler, DanMachi: Memoria Freese, revealed in a recent Reddit…

League Of Legends SJWs Complain That Kai’Sa’s Neckline Is Too Sexualized
League of Legends Kai Sa

Riot Games lead producer of champions, Ryan Mireles, recently used the Q&A opportunity on the official League of Legends website…

SJW Movie Critics Try To Blame Ready Player One Backlash On #GamerGate
Ready Player One GamerGate

Some sites are completely off the deep end, constantly looking for an internet boogeyman in the dark alleys where most…

NBC News Censors Meet The Press Guest For Clarifying AR-15 Is .223 Caliber Rifle
NBC Censorship

On the March 25th, 2018 edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, there was a 17 minute segment featuring seven registered…

Facebook Loses Major Ads From Banks, Mozilla, Tech Companies
Mark Zuckerberg

After the scandal about Cambridge Analytica broke and the public caught wind that apps were collating personal user information from…

Anita Sarkeesian Criticizes Trump For Anti-Violent Game Rhetoric, Despite Sharing Trump’s Views
Anita Sarkeesian Trump

Culture critic Anita Sarkeesian criticized President Donald Trump for his recent meetings and statements blaming violent video games and movies…

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