Angry Assault: Why the Faro Plague Would Never Happen

2020 nearly killed us all, but like big asteroid often does it left us very much alive and disappointed. Unfortunately for other words, apocalypses tend to actually work, bringing an end to humanity, the Earth, or existence as we know it. Que Horizon Zero Dawn, where the Faro Plague ended the world. Continue reading “Angry Assault: Why the Faro Plague Would Never Happen”

CDPR Has no Right to Complain About the Backlash

Before beginning, it must be said that by no means does this article justify death threats, targeted harassment, or threats of any manner. Though it will be contended based on marketing choices that CDPR invited this behavior upon themselves, that itself does not render the behavior appropriate or acceptable by any means. Continue reading “CDPR Has no Right to Complain About the Backlash”

Why We’re Likely Doomed to Bad Monetization Models

“It was meaningless, futile, illogical, but such is the curse of being run by a human brain.” Was how Dr. Letz Shake explained his determination to defeat Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 2. For a machine it invoked a duel sense of purpose and illogical drive towards the meaningless and counterproductive. For the audience, it invoked a sense of ah or amusement before the fight began, but sadly it is why the industry will be doomed to poor monetization schemes.

Setting aside the competing models for the location and origin of consciousness, science demonstrates that the more primitive parts of the human brain do not focus on the long term. Instead, they tend to function in the short term, leaving the more modern parts of the brain to focus on long term planning and understanding of consequences.

As Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter explained, “We’re limited by being human. We want results fast, and we discount the future.” Leading to the issue, the more cognizant one is, the more likely they are to understand the ramification of their actions in both the short and long term. People with higher cognition can take past stimuli, observation and create reasoned ideas of how an event will play out.

And then you have the majority of people who don’t have inner monologs. People who generally display lower levels of cognition tend to seek and desire immediate gratification rather than long term benefits or delayed gratification according to a study published in Judgement and Decision Making.

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Unlocking various skins or enjoying a sense of accomplishment from finishing a game are qualities of people that can enjoy delayed gratification and typically possess higher intelligence. Most people will not finish a game, just as most people will not buy a loot box or microtransactions. Equally, though they won’t delay gratification by refusing to purchase games that contain these atrocious mechanisms.

After all, if it doesn’t affect them immediately and directly, many simply don’t care. What are they going to do, not purchase the latest Call of Duty? Be the only person in their friend circle not enjoying the latest blockbuster game and risk social ostracization?

Humans are creatures immensely sensitive to social ostracism. All available research demonstrates this to be the case. When we are ostracized, our internal psychological machinery falls apart. We lose focus, drive, and purpose in life as we are cut off from the group. The human mind will attribute the idea of being ostracized no differently than it perceives and gauges physical pain.

Rationally those with high cognition can offset this concern by understanding they can gain more in the long term than any benefit alleviating the short-term concern will generate. For those that can only focus on immediate gratification, the idea of being ostracized is unbearable. They’ll buy the overpriced skins, pay to get ahead rather than work hard, and they’ll never refuse to purchase the latest title unless the public perception is against it.

In short, because many people are like this, we will likely have to regulate and outlaw bad practices rather than rely on humans doing what is right for themselves in the long run. Do not expect industry leaders to rise to the occasion. It is not greed, but the same lack of long-term planning drives them to refuse to invest in improving worker conditions and general happiness. Even though studies demonstrating any such investment returns $3.27 for every dollar spent. These are not the type of people who are going to maintain a healthy ecosystem. A statement easily proven by the recent price hike of video games during times of economic uncertainty.

What Happens if Epic Wins their Legal Battle?

In prior coverage of the ongoing Apple/Epic legal conflict, I’ve come under the accusation of providing biased coverage in favor of Apple over Epic Games. The idea governing this notion appears to be that because Apple is a much worse company than Epic Games, coverage should thus favor Epic over Apple by edict of popular consensus. With the issue again appearing in the news, what better time to discuss how this is patently insane.
Continue reading “What Happens if Epic Wins their Legal Battle?”

Editorial: Epic Wins Their Temporary Restraining Order Rendering the Courts the New Central Planners

Buckle in and sit down, for it is time for a lesson in liberty. This has become a necessity to remedy an ongoing misconception that continues to permeate our comment section from our more vocal critics. These critics have alleged in my coverage of the Apple/Epic lawsuit that I have defended Apple against Epic. In doing so, I have unveiled some unsavory nature to my character. Continue reading “Editorial: Epic Wins Their Temporary Restraining Order Rendering the Courts the New Central Planners”

Activision Removes Tiananmen Square Clip From Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War After China Bans Trailer

It looks like all those people that kept calling Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War “Based” and “red-pilled” are now eating crow because Activision and Treyarch have censored themselves to lick up all of China’s testicular secretions from the filthy ground. As of recent, the official Call of Duty YouTube channel released a cut trailer of the official Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War video, and it’s missing the Tiananmen Square footage given that China banned the trailer for potentially provoking “public grievances.” Continue reading “Activision Removes Tiananmen Square Clip From Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War After China Bans Trailer”

Tour de France Nixes Podium Girls For Male/Female Duo

Tour de France

Tour de France has joined professional darts and Formula One racing in nixing the presence of podium girls. Well, technically one girl will stay but the other is being replaced with a dude, and they’ll no longer double-kiss the winner of that leg of the race during the Tour de France. Continue reading “Tour de France Nixes Podium Girls For Male/Female Duo”

Editorial: Yes You Should Be Boycotting Products

Oh, how civil discourse has become interesting recently. Following a leaked screenshot, subsequent denial from Goodyear, followed by leaked audio proving the denial a lie, Goodyear was exposed as actively discriminating against police, conservatives, heterosexuals, and even white Americans. This, at long last, sparked conservatives and the right to finally acknowledge that they are in a culture war, where supporting those that actively are against you is a terrible idea. Continue reading “Editorial: Yes You Should Be Boycotting Products”

Goblin Slayer, No Game No Life, Sword Art Online, Et Al Banned From Kinokuniya Bookstore

Goblin Slayer

We tried to warn you. It started with the censorship of big anime boobs in video games, escalated to light novels, and now it’s evolved to mangas. More specifically, seven manga series have been banned from Kinokuniya Sydney’s physical retail outlets and their online shops following a complaint from South Australian legislator Connie Bonaros, who claimed that the mangas contained “child grooming” and “child pornography”. Continue reading “Goblin Slayer, No Game No Life, Sword Art Online, Et Al Banned From Kinokuniya Bookstore”

Traitors To America About to Plunge Seattle into Chaos, Warns Police Guild President

All actions have consequences. Like a stone causes a ripple across a pond, our individual and collective decisions have a subtle and profound impact on the world around us. When George Floyd was killed, nearly all Americans agreed it was time for long-overdue reforms to the functional structure of our police. Continue reading “Traitors To America About to Plunge Seattle into Chaos, Warns Police Guild President”

Activision And Infinity Ward Remove “OK” Hand Gesture From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone

Activision and Infinity Ward have removed the “OK” hand gesture in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its battle royale edition Warzone. The update was a quiet one that was not expanded on when the mid-season update rolled in. This update replaced the “OK” hand gesture with a new gesture dubbed “crush.” Continue reading “Activision And Infinity Ward Remove “OK” Hand Gesture From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone”

Traitors of America Exposed As Black Lives Matter Murders People and Advocates For Marxism

Many were unhappy when One Angry Gamer began cataloging every celebrity and corporation that sold out the United States to appear virtuous. People were unhappy because they wanted the ability to quietly pretend they had never done so in the first place. Companies didn’t want people to be able to navigate a simple list to see if they were promoting a very unpopular and hate-filled ideology. Continue reading “Traitors of America Exposed As Black Lives Matter Murders People and Advocates For Marxism”

Publishers Gear Up Increase Game’s Cost To $70 Next Generation

Alas, here we go again. Once again, the video game industry is attempting to increase the cost of a new game by $10. With ambiguous claims of unspecified increases to development cost. Currently, only NBA 2K21 is listed with the increased next-generation price tag, but more are likely to follow the example if they sense there is no blowback or that the scheme itself can be successful. Continue reading “Publishers Gear Up Increase Game’s Cost To $70 Next Generation”