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Never Apologize To The Outrage Mob, Says Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Dev
Sense A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Cancel culture is all the rage these days, perpetuated and employed by the outrage mob and the supposed “Liberal” elites,…

CCP Eerily Silent Over Banning An EVE Online Loan Shark
EVE Online Ban

Loan sharking in EVE Online is a thing. Various corporations taking out massive loans to purchase a ship, a fleet,…

Valve Has No Visible Rule Book For Adult Games On Steam, Says Monster Mashing Deluxe Dev
Monster Mashing Deluxe

Monster Mashing Deluxe was banned from Steam back on April 17th, 2019. The reason? We don’t know. Valve didn’t say….

Inside GamerGate Interview: Media Lies, Gamedropping And Culture Wars
Inside GamerGate

Inside GamerGate: A Social History of the Gamer Revolt is currently available right now on Amazon for $4.99. The 202-page,…

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Youtuber Interview
Supreme Commander

An interview with gaming youtuber Heaven about Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, a sci-fi RTS title by Chris Taylor

E-Sports Revenue Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon, Says Immortals GM
Immortals eSports

The profitability of e-sports has oftentimes come into question by analysts and outside observers. Questions about non-endemic financial support, unsanctioned…

Flatout 4 Interview: Bringing A Dash Of Twisted Metal Back To Combat Racing
Flatout 4 Total Insanity

Flatout is making a comeback… or rather, it has made a comeback. Strategy First, with the help of Tiny Rebel…

Outlast 2 Composer Talks Shaping The Sound Of Horror
Outlast 2

I managed to get in time talking with Samuel Laflamme, a French-Canadian composer from Montreal, Canada. We talked about how…

NaturalMotion CEO Doesn’t Rule Out Support For Nintendo Switch

NaturalMotion and Zynga recently released Dawn of Titans for iOS and Android devices. The game takes a major leap forward…

Games For Everybody Interview: YouTube Gaming For Disabled Gamers

There are a lot of YouTube channels out there for gaming, many of which are comedy-based or informational. Many Let’s…

BrightLocker Interview: We’re Holding Developers Accountable For Crowdfunded Games

When Kickstarter and IndieGoGo first came onto the scene they were seen by the gaming community as a great alternative…

Fan The Sea Interview: Lying Your Way Through A Game Of Deceit

Imagine a game where you’re a spy, you must infiltrate a small town, gather as much information as you can…

Prominence Poker Arrives On PS4 While Max Pescatori Talks Poker And Gaming

505 Games and Pipeworks Studio’s Prominence Poker has finally arrived on the PS4 after launching into Early Access on PC…

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