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Weekly Recap Jan 12th: Soldier 76 Goes Gay, Steam Bans More Waifu Games, Overwatch Fake News
Weeky Recap

The twists and turns for the stories that dropped this week are beyond crazy. We had censorship news, Bungie trying…

Weekly Recap Jan 5th: Operation Choke Point, DMC5 Lady Drama, FCC Comes For Gaming
Weekly Recap

The first week of 2019 came in with a freaking bang. Scandals, lies, and corruption were the order of the…

Weekly Recap Dec 29th: Woke Awards 2018, PayPal Bans, Cliffy B Heads To Broadway
Weekly Recap

The final week of December rounded out with even more censorship, which has become a staple for 2018. However, more…

Weekly Recap Dec 22nd: Valve Battles Fictional Child Exploitation, Patreon Bans, Google Play Censorship
Weekly Recap

It seems like each week more and more censorship news keeps popping up. While centrists sit idly by claiming that…

Weekly Recap Dec 15th: Valve Bans Anime Games, Ubisoft Vs PewDiePie, YouTube Rewind Hatred
Weekly Recap

The war on lolis continues with plenty of censorship that happened this week. For the people who hate the lolicons,…

Weekly Recap Dec 8th: Sony’s Lame Censorship Excuse, Valve Enacts War On Waifus
Weekly Recap

The crusade against the cartoon courtesans has commenced once again by Valve’s resident anime terminators, Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi….

Weekly Recap Dec 1st: Bethesda’s Fantastic Tale Of Failure, Battlefield V Got Woke And Goes Broke
Weekly Recap

The launch of Battlefield V did not go over well for Electronic Arts and DICE at all. The game launched…

Weekly Recap Nov 24th: Sony’s Parade Of Censorship, Switch’s 4D Jiggle, She-Ra’s Gay Agenda
Weekly Recap

The censorship train that Sony pulled out of the station that they’ll soon call regret just keeps on rolling. It’s…

Weekly Recap Nov 17th: Revenge Of She-Ra Fans, Sony Bails On E3 2019, Steam vs Lolis
Weekly Recap

This week managed to find itself among one of the few that was genuinely funny due to all the outrage….

Weekly Recap Nov 10th: Diablo Immortal Epic Fail, YouTube White Knights For Feminist NPCs
Weekly Recap

What a stupid week in news. Obviously the most asinine thing that happened this week is some thirsty beta orbiter…

Weekly Recap Nov 3rd: Mafia 3 Devs Get Woke, Sony Censors Mary Skelter 2, Agony Unrated
Weekly Recap

This was a pretty big week in gaming news. Sony’s censorship train just keeps on rolling, this time the Chinese…

Weekly Recap Oct 27th: Sony Censorship Gets Out Of Control, ResetEra Doxes GOG Staff
Weekly Recap

The final full week of October has come to an end, and it’s not the kind of end that some…

Weekly Recap Oct 20th: GAB Vs Lolicons, GLAAD Gaming Awards, Witcher Netflix Casting
Weekly Recap

More of the SocJus agenda was exposed this past week, with the LGBTQIA+ organization GLAAD announcing that they will be…

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