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Weekly Recap March 23rd: New Zealand Censorship Lockdown, Google Stadia Is Like Onlive 2.0
Weekly Recap

What would 2019 be without some kind of flagrant censorship to strip away your rights like Hollywood strips away the…

Weekly Recap March 16th: PUBG Illegal In India, Lolis Vindicated By Danish, Steam vs Epic
Weekly Recap

This was big ‘ole juicy week for culture war news. A shooter tried accelerating division in order to spark a…

Weekly Recap March 9th: Steam’s Rape Day, Anthem Bricks PS4s, Harada Puts SJWs In Their Place
Weekly Recap

Politicians are coming down hard on Valve over the game Rape Day that briefly appeared on Steam before being banned….

Weekly Recap March 2nd: Twitter Wages War On Anime, THQ Gets Oppressed By The Intersectional Inquisition
Weekly Recap

The end of February and beginning of March maintained the explosive edge that is 2019, which is basically like an…

Weekly Recap Feb 23rd: Core Values Vs Boner Culture, Vic Kicks Back, Reggie Leaves Nintendo
Weekly Recap

Oh boy, what a week this was. It’s a real big one, folks. A real big one. This week we…

Weekly Recap Feb 16th: EVO Punishes DOA 6 For Disrupting Core Values, Pensacon Threatens Vic Supporters
Weekly Recap

The second full week ending on February 16th brought with it all sorts of crazy drama the likes of which…

Weekly Recap Feb 9th: The Escapist Gets Dogpiled By SJWs, Naruto Voice Actor #MeToo’d
Weekly Recap

This week was more Social Justice Warriors running rampant in the industry, more ridiculousness regarding Epic Games Store, and a…

Weekly Recap Feb 2nd: Tons Of Corrupt Journalists Fired, AT&T Gets Woke, Metro Games Bombed
Weekly Recap

The very first week of February got off to a bang, especially knowing that a bunch of corrupt journalists got…

Weekly Recap Jan 26th: Japan Shops Purge Hentai, Anime Games Banned From Steam, Nintendo Wins 2018
Weekly Recap

We haven’t even finished January and already 2019 is turning out to be twice as bad as 2018. The first…

Weekly Recap Jan 19th: Gillette Gets Woke, Caliber Dev Calls Out Journalists, DOA 6 Confusion
Weekly Recap

The top news of the week was obviously Gillette’s anti-male propaganda ad filled to the brim with Social Justice Warrior…

Weekly Recap Jan 12th: Soldier 76 Goes Gay, Steam Bans More Waifu Games, Overwatch Fake News
Weeky Recap

The twists and turns for the stories that dropped this week are beyond crazy. We had censorship news, Bungie trying…

Weekly Recap Jan 5th: Operation Choke Point, DMC5 Lady Drama, FCC Comes For Gaming
Weekly Recap

The first week of 2019 came in with a freaking bang. Scandals, lies, and corruption were the order of the…

Weekly Recap Dec 29th: Woke Awards 2018, PayPal Bans, Cliffy B Heads To Broadway
Weekly Recap

The final week of December rounded out with even more censorship, which has become a staple for 2018. However, more…

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