3 Slots That Were Inspired by Video Games

In order to keep players interested, many slot game designers like to use familiar characters and brands. With video games being so popular it is unsurprising that many of them are used as inspiration for slot games. People who play video games are familiar with online gaming and so to take a step into slots is not unusual – so it makes sense that online casinos and gaming websites offer games that they are familiar with.
Here is a look at 3 slots inspired by video games that we’re fans of:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is an extremely popular video game; in fact, it is so popular that even non-gamers are likely to have heard of it. The game itself has been around since 2003, with the first game based on World War 2. There have been several versions since then with numerous upgrades, inspiration taken from different wars and even the ability to play against other players.
Modern Warfare is one of the most popular versions of the Call of Duty franchise, which is why it will be no surprise that Amaya Gaming has chosen to create a slot machine inspired by the game. The slot game version offers numerous pay lines over the five-reel setup and has the chance to win extra via two bonus features. As well as a huge jackpot it gives you the chance to win free spins and scatters where you can win even more. Similar to the much-loved video game, it is fast-paced and exciting.

Neon City

Arcade games are extremely popular throughout different gaming platforms and consoles. Lots of people like the idea of playing vintage games and so arcade games that look retro certainly get players attention.

For those players looking for a traditional arcade looking slot game, a go at Neon City is highly recommended. With great graphics including some very 80s looking fruit icons and numerous chances to win, it is a game that is likely to keep players interested for a long time. Combine this with 6 reels and 7 symbols available on each; you can quickly see that there are thousands of different ways to win.
For extra ways to win you can pick up free spins, mystery fruit prizes and even gamble any winnings for the chance to win even more!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Comic books, video games and Hollywood blockbuster videos, Lara Croft has done it all. With the franchise being such a popular one, it is no surprise that they have developed a slot machine along similar lines.
The Tomb Raider Slot Game guides players through an exciting and interactive adventure, with nods to the Lara Croft franchise that fans know and love throughout the whole game. With 25 possible pay lines across 5 reels, there are certainly plenty of chances to win.
Various symbols appear to help you complete pay lines and you can even bet your winnings and win more via their multiplier option – so plenty to keep you entertained while you’re playing these Lara Croft inspired slots.

The most important announcements presented at BlizzConline 2021

Blizzard is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic development companies in the history of videogames, since most of its franchises have left an indelible mark on the industry, and some of them have even managed to shape entire videogame genres, as is the case of World of Warcraft, which is considered the most important MMORPG in history, or the Diablo series, a game that practically established a sub-genre of ARPGs.

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What Are Fish Table Games?

Playing games of chance for money prizes is a popular pastime in almost every corner of the globe. According to recent projections, the land-based global gambling market will hit a size of $525 billion in the next three years, and the online sector should double in the next six. However, despite year-on-year growth, many working within this industry worry about casino-style gambling not appealing to people under 40-years-old. Those that fall into this age group have little interest in playing anything chance-based. Therefore, casino video games are slowly making their way into this industry.

Fish tables are one of the more recent attempts to incorporate skill-based gambling onto casino floors. Technically, they fall in line with a sub-genre of arcade titles known as redemption games. Meaning, they reward a player proportionally to the score that they achieve via their gameplay. In the past, you could find such machines at fairs. There, they would also incorporate a luck aspect. Namco’s Flamin’ Finger is likely one of the more popular products within this genre.

How to Play and Win

As mentioned, to play a fish game, you will have to grab a seat at a foosball-like table. It will feature a monitor where 3D fish of different sizes will swim in and out of view. These games are your classic arcade-style shooters. You load credits into a machine, and it supplies you with ammo for different weapons. Naturally, shots from the more powerful ones are pricier, but you are more likely to get a hit using them. Each fish has a bet multiplier attached, meaning you get different sized prizes for every successful shot. The larger the fish that you hit, the bigger the reward you obtain. In a sense, you are competing against the other players when playing these games because you all draw wins from the same fish tank/prize pool. That means that someone else can snag all the massive fish and leave you chasing after only small rewards. So you have to approach your gameplay wisely and figure out steps that work for you depending on your bankroll. Developers often spice the gameplay by adding fictional creatures into the mix, such as sea dragons and giant crabs. Hitting any of these should result in decently-sized payouts.

You will not find fish table games at most brand US casinos. They get advertised as skill-based, and not all states have laws that make such gambling legal on casino floors. For example, poker is a skill game, and its regulation wildly differs from games of chance, such as slots and blackjack. They also have too much of an arcade-feel for premium gaming establishments. The Sands in Las Vegas is a rare exception, as it features a six-person, 60-inch-screen table titled Amazon Fishing. You are far more likely to come across fish tables at sweepstakes parlors or local arcades. Though, in many states, there are ongoing debates regarding their legality. That is why it is your best bet to check out fish tables at internet casinos. OUSC has a list of websites where you can play fish table games online. These are more or less identical to a physical machine, except that you will have to play them using your keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.

Fish Catch from iGaming pioneer Realtime Gaming (RTG) is the most popular internet version of a fish table. It features stunning 3D graphics, and there is a Mermaid’s Luck wheel that appears at random, which can get you a prize worth up to x250 your stake per shot.

Types of Games

Though the predominant theme of these games is aquatic creatures, they can incorporate just about anything. Fish Game Kings is the first US company to focus solely on fish tables. In their catalog, you can find products that feature Batman, Godzilla, and even former US President Donald Trump. All of these also feature fish on top of these pop culture phenomena. Other famous Fish Game Kings titles include Ape’s Rampage, Buffalo Thunder, and Black Pearl.

As mentioned, these games are multi-player shooters, but the number of joystick controllers at a table can vary between two to ten. If this number is below five, the screen of the game cabinet will likely be vertical. Thus, you may have the ability to stand and play at such machines, much like you would be when enjoying an arcade classic. In many instances, flat-screen tables have a flip-screen option that turns a ten-person cabinet into a four-player vertical one.

Intelligent Game Software is Asia’s leader when it comes to these arcade-style machines. They claim to be responsible for developing over 1,150 gaming products, and they specialize in fish tables. Some of their releases feature ridiculous themes such as ostrich racing, jungle animal-running, panda vs. alien, meteor showers, etc. However, they also have a few releases that emulate old arcade genres, such as beat-em-up games. All of these utilize more-or-less the same gameplay principles explained for fish tables.

In the online sphere, besides Realtime Gaming, Betsoft has also branched off into this gaming category. Nevertheless, they have decided to go in a different direction by creating titles where you shoot wild beasts and the undead instead of aquatic life. The first entry in their Max Quest series hit online casinos in October of 2018, and so far, it has had two sequels (Dead Man’s Cove and Mission: Amazon). However, online gamblers will get treated to two more in April of 2021, as Max Quest Rise of the Mummy and Max Quest Dragon Stone will arrive on the internet on the 15th of that month.

If you wish to play fish table games at online casinos, search for them in the specialty games tab. You should find them there along with keno and lottery draws.

To Wrap Up

Remember, playing fish tables is gambling, so practicing proper bankroll management should always be a top priority. Only buy the ammo amount that you can afford to lose. Do not get ahead of yourself by overstepping your means. You are unlikely to get rich by playing these tables. So aim to score decent-sized wins to walk away with some pocket change. Since every shot has a price, never fire without aiming, and pay attention to swimming patterns. An algorithm determines fish movement, so you may be able to exploit flaws in it if you can spot repeating behavior.

If you want to win money playing video games, and have a soft spot for arcade machines, then fish tables are right up your alley. They are simple to play and can snag you more than a few extra dollars in your pocket if you can aim wisely. In the best-case scenario, your expertise will only lower the house advantage by around 8%. You will not be able to get so good at these machines that you will always walk away from them as a winner. Think of them like slots where you have somewhat of a say in each result. The usual low-roller strategy involves shooting smaller fish only, gradually collecting points.

About the Author

Shelly Schiff is an online slot maven currently employed by OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com. She has been writing professionally about online gambling since 2009 and has contributed thousands of articles to countless top iGaming websites. Though slots are her specialty, Shelly also has in-depth knowledge about baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. In her downtime, she enjoys reading Agatha Christie-type novels and playing with her golden retriever Garry.

What Does Mobile Gaming Mean for the Future of the Industry?

Mobile gaming is one of the sources of development and interest in the industry as a whole. There have already been so many innovations in this area, but mobile is still leading the way towards some really interesting potential outcomes. Let’s take a look at where the future of the gaming industry might be going due to the development of mobile gaming.


Thanks to mobile gaming, gaming as a whole is a lot more accessible than it used to be. Some people would have once not been able to access many of the top games due to the cost of both the title itself and the console on which to play it.

This has now changed. Many people own a smartphone, and through this they are able to access a myriad of different free-to-play games. While many still opt to also play the high-cost releases that come on consoles, there is also a massive world of free-to-play games to explore. Both avenues are going to produce even more innovation as we move forward, and there is even the potential for a crossover in games and software between the two.

Further Indie Development

In many sectors of the gaming world, we have seen a rise in indie development. While these games used to be very simple and basic to manage, indie producers are now making games in alpha that are attracting hordes of interested players who can’t wait for the game’s full release.

This development in the indie world is seeping through into that of the mainstream one. Developers are now having to meet the expectations of their customers and deliver an amazing and functional platform. Whether you look at Unibet mobile apps or the latest release in a beloved gaming franchise, the expectations of the customers is higher than ever – driven in part by the functionality and expertise we are seeing in indie gaming.

A Global Gaming Community

When it came to game development before, you would often find that it was concentrated in several major destinations like the USA and Japan. However, the rise of the internet and an improvement in connectivity means that games can be developed literally anywhere.

Linking back to indie development, we are seeing a rise in young game developers who are self-taught and piecing together games bit by bit. Many of these inventive developers can go on to secure roles with mainstream companies, and this will help to bring some renewed insight into the industry. A fresh viewpoint will help to revitalise things and could lead to the next big innovation, and it might all have started from someone creating a simple mobile game from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile gaming is a massive part of the gaming industry as it currently stands. This means that we are likely to see it changing and influencing other areas in future years. If you want to know how the gaming industry is going to change, you need only look as far as the world of mobile gaming for an insight!

5 Actionable Tips That Will Improve Your Odds on Esports Betting

eSports is a niche betting market that has surged in popularity in the last years.  If you’re not familiar with the term “eSports betting,” all you need to know is that you can wager money on online gaming events like League of Legends or CS: GO championships, similar to traditional sports.

If you want to start betting on eSports markets but aren’t sure how it works, this guide will take you through the essentials. Below, we will provide five “hacks” that you can use to beat the odds and maximize your profits in the long run.

Before we begin, there’s one thing you need to understand- even though you might associate eSports solely with entertainment, it is a lucrative industry that is exponentially growing year after year. Believe it or not, global eSports championships prize pools can be as high as C$40 million in games like Dota 2.

You might be wondering how this information can be useful for you. Well, online bookmakers have quickly identified the eSports market’s value. They’ve implemented a section dedicated to betting on this type of game. This way, you can leverage your eSports knowledge to earn an extra buck!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 5 tricks that can enhance your eSports betting experience:

Choose a suitable online bookmaker

One of the crucial steps in eSports betting is choosing the right bookmaker. Whenever you pick an online betting platform, there are various aspects that you need to consider, including:

  • Promotion offering
  • Betting markets available
  • Unique features like cashout or in-play
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits

In essence, you need to ensure that you have a memorable gaming experience, so make sure you spend some time researching gaming platforms. From our findings, the best way to find a reliable bookmaker is by using a site where iGaming experts test and review online gaming sites.

By reading in-depth analyses of online gaming sites, you will quickly identify the best platforms and know what bonuses you can claim to improve your odds and maximize your payouts.

Of course, success in eSports betting is connected to bankroll management. Ideally, you want to start wagering lower sums and progressively increase the bet value as your skills improve.

Expand your knowledge about the game

Being successful in your eSports betting journey is determined by how well you understand the game. Thus, a crucial step in choosing which team you should bet on is learning advanced gameplay strategies and how pro teams are preparing for their championship.

 By having these insights, you will develop your intuition and quickly know why one team is more likely to win than the other. But how can you achieve this level of eSports knowledge?

It’s quite simple! First of all, you need to start by playing the game casually for a while. This action will help you understand its core mechanics and develop your ability to identify other players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have the basics out of the way, it’s time to move on to the more advanced stuff. Most of you might not have time to explore the professional gaming scene for yourself.

Still, there is a simple solution – the eSports community.

Streaming platforms like Twitch.tv, or gaming dedicated Reddit forums can help you get valuable information about eSports. Most professional gamers are full-time streamers, meaning that they are continually recording themselves playing in real-time.

Frequently, pro players are training for upcoming championships, which allows you to learn what strategy they will use. By collecting this type of information, you will be able to make better predictions and improve your odds of winning. On top of that, the gaming community often makes highly accurate predictions on Reddit, so you should keep a close eye on the forum when there’s a big upcoming event.

Run in-depth research

Based on our experience, the more information you can collect about a particular event, the higher your chances of making an accurate betting decision. You should research the players, the teams, their match history, and their head-to-head performance. There are lots of online resources that can help you analyze the data and draw your conclusion.

Of course, statistics aren’t everything. You should also watch past games and learn more about how the players perform in a specific situation. The way you analyze the eSports teams depends from a game to another.

For example, in League of Legends, a player might be a Lee Sin “one-trick-pony” (he mastered the champion, and it’s hard to defeat him). So, if the enemy bans his champion, the team’s win-rate will be lowered. Similarly, a CS: GO player might have a high win rate on a particular map, so the enemy will ideally ban that map to reduce the team’s chances of defeating them.

This type of intuition is developed after spending time watching and analyzing data. However, we consider it a crucial step to your eSports betting success.

Learn how to calculate betting odds

Most of the time, online bookmakers will not offer you 50/50 bets on eSports events. How would they be profitable if they would go for this type of pricing strategy? Instead, they use odds, which are slightly different from traditional sport betting odds.

For demonstrative purposes, let’s suppose you want to wager on a League of Legends Moneyline bet where Ninjas in Pyjamas is going against Cloud9. On most betting platforms, the odds will look something like this:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: +126
  • Cloud9: -205

The negative number means that the team is favorite, and if you want to win C$100 on this bet, you would need to wager C$205 on Cloud9. In this example, Ninjas in Pyjamas is considered the “underdog,” and the positive number means that a C$100 bet will payout C$126.

Before you start betting on eSports, make sure you thoroughly understand how the odds work, which will allow you to build a solid strategy and improve your win/loss ratio.

Only bet if it’s worth it

One of the things most beginners get wrong is the betting frequency. Ideally, you want to avoid events that don’t offer you any value. That’s because odds are calculated based on implied probability, reflecting the team’s previous performance.

Therefore, we suggest investing time in learning how to identify value bets. In case you’re not familiar with “value bets,” they represent wagers that are considered to have a higher probability of an outcome to occur than the odds provided. For instance, if based on your analysis, you’ve identified that a team that has an estimated win rate of say 57% has higher odds, it’s a great idea to go for it.

On the other hand, if your analysis proved that the odds are below 57%, you should avoid it at all costs. Based on our experience, the ability to spot value bets is crucial in your eSports betting success, but refining your skills will take some trial and error and a lot of research.

Closing thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the end of our eSports betting guide, we hope that you will use these tricks to improve your odds of winning. Of course, these are just a small part of what it takes to be successful with eSports wagers, but you will surely get better chances by implementing them in your strategy.

The secret of success is consistency and staying up-to-date with all the events and changes to the games. As always, good luck and have fun in your gambling journey!

How to Maximize Your Chances of Making Money at Casino Games?

Gambling has been considered as one of the main sources of entertainment for hundreds of years. Its advent on the internet has raised the popularity of casino games even more among players worldwide. Online casinos are convenient, secure, and easy to access. Due to these reasons, millions of players join this digital platform and try their luck playing online casino games. Games like poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and baccarat are among the most popular ones. The classic game like bingo has become a secret jackpot at the online casinos. New, as well as professional gamblers, play these casino games to earn some profit.

However, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit at the online casinos. Casino games depend purely on luck. Even if you are a professional player, you can lose your money if you take the wrong steps. This is the reason why you need to apply some strategies and tips to increase your chances of winning. Here, we are going to discuss how to maximize your odds of making a profit at casino games.

Choose the Game Properly

In online casinos, you will find a wide variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and poker, among many others. Preferably, you should choose a game that you know well and you can establish your dominance. If you choose to play your favorite game that is known to you then, you can apply proper strategies to maximize your chances of winning.  Knowing the rules of each game perfectly is key to understanding how you can limit your losses and maximize your possible winnings. Thus, it is important to choose the game that is full of entertainment as well as easy for you to book profit. You need to develop skills and strategies for it.

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How Gamestop Stock Fiasco Impacted Social Media

How Gamestop Stock Fiasco Impacted Social Media

So, what happened to Gamestop? If you didn’t know, this is an American video games, consoles and accessories retailer that has plummeted for 6 years due to declining profits. Thanks to social media, this news has been vastly heard by the masses. As the whole gaming industry has moved online and all the disks don’t matter anymore, GameStop itself has closed more than 400 stores in the USA in 2020 alone. Therefore, this company has become very popular within Wall Street short sellers, and the more GameStop lost positions, the more hedge funds got richer.

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Evangelion Creators Enter Damage Control Mode Following Blow Back to Guidelines

What’s the fastest way to get a target audience of geeks, gamers, and general weebs to immediately ignore and potentially boycott your product? Simple, announce you are censoring porn. There is a strange correlation between popularity and porn, where the more popular a character is, the more they will be lewded. After all, this is what saved Overwatch from death.
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Anime News Network Launches a Preemptive Censorship and Gaslighting Campaign for Redo of Healer

(Warning This article contains minor spoilers for Redo of Healer)

Christmas came early this year with the announcement that Redo the Healer would get an anime adaptation. Redo of Healer, or as it is known in Japan, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, is a series that started as a light novel before being adapted into a successful manga. Similar to Shield Hero, the main protagonist experiences an insane level of hardship before realizing he can use his healing magic to reset the world by four years. Granting him the opportunity to right the wrongs he experienced and witnessed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYl1gH368c&w=560&h=315]

At this point, you may be wondering what could possibly have the perpetually offended up in arms. To put it succinctly, Keyaru’s vengeance is rather brutal. One character who raped him after he was raped, drugged, and abused by multiple people, including a male hero, he rapes before altering her memories, so she will never even know she was raped.

This has, according to reporting from Sankaku Complex, sent the Anime New Networks CEO, along with the outlet’s Chief Editor into a preemptive censorship and gaslighting campaign.

This series is certain to cause a lot of controversy, and Anime News Network welcomes and encouraged discussion of this anime and even the social issues that it touches upon. However rape is never an acceptable punishment and we will not tolerate any posts that even remotely suggest that it is.

Furthermore we will not tolerate posts that take glee in the controversy that this show is likely to cause, nor will we tolerate any posts that appear to be trollish or baiting in nature.

Finally, we ask that all posters be considerate of those who may read these threads and have past traumatic experiences.

Failure to abide by this will result in immediate and permanent removal from our community.

Discussion or criticism of this policy may be made in the feedback forum.

Christopher Macdonald

Anime News Network Publisher

As for the controversy the series has generated, it is not for everyone. As previously stated, the protagonist gets revenge in some pretty heinous ways. To such a degree it is perplexing how this show got greenlit for an official anime release and should raise concern if the series will dumbed down the plot as Shield Hero previously did.

What Anime News Network is not telling you is the people he gets revenge on are absolutely despicable. In particular, the two princesses of the kingdom delight in raping, drugging, and breaking the main character in the original timeline. Flare, the first princess of Jioral Kingdom, uses the main character as a pack mule. When he is not carrying their stuff, he is a literal training dummy for her lackeys. She routinely beats him and gets him addicted to a drug that he has to do tricks like a dog if he wants access.

Her sister and second princess of the Jioral Kingdom was considerably nicer to Keyaru. Only raping him after witnessing her sister didn’t entirely break him. Don’t mistake her for anything approaching decent. During their war with the Demon Lord, she poisons a captured city and orders three others to be burnt to the ground by her sister. All that to hinder reinforcements that might arrive and liberate the cities.

Also on display is a homosexual who rapes and abuses both men and women. Alongside him is a pedophile who, when his victims become too old, kills and taxidermies them. Preserving their youthful beauty for all eternity.

Perhaps if they were not ignorant of the source material, they would be aware that both Shield Hero and Redo of Healer take staunch anti-slavery stances. In the latter, slavery and abuse become the driving point of the ongoing hostilities between demi-humans and humans. Naofumi’s need for a slave makes vastly more sense in the original print and manga as his life is considerably worse and mistreated. Placing him in a position where his only option is to have a partner who will not question his commands. Without spoiling what will happen in Redo of Healer there is an entire arc involving slavery that ends in spectacular fashion.

If the anime adaptation sticks true to the source material, Christmas will indeed have come early. Like Shield Hero, it tackles serious issues from a male perspective without sugar-coating the world or his driving motivations. If it succeeds, it will demonstrate a market demand for more mature works, so publishers will be less likely to shy away from “controversial” works. As a bonus, it’ll rile up the perpetually offended who will be unable to do anything about the series success—a triple win.

Wonder Woman 1984 Flops in International Markets

Warner Brothers, the subsidiary of the cash strapped $150 Billion in debt AT&T, last week released Wonder Woman 1984 to foreign markets. Despite some of the markets still being in limited states or recovering post lockdowns, many theaters across Asia, South America, and the Middle East remain open, allowing for a decent return on movie companies’ investment. Continue reading “Wonder Woman 1984 Flops in International Markets”

Fallen Player to Be Immortalized In Cyberpunk Red

Tomorrow brings the eight-year-long wait to its conclusion. Some will walk the Corpo path of money and politics. Ruthlessly pursuing their way to the top of the world. Others will enter Night City for the first time, hailing from the outlands, and represent their nomadic people as they seek to make a name for themselves in the foreign city. Some were born in the city and grew up learning the ways of the street. Their time finally at hand.
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Cool Pastime Games

Playing online games, alone and with friends, is among the most common hobbies we all have. The market of gaming is developing constantly. The board games and trivia games were already some of the popular pastime games, now new online games have made a new entry. Card games and role play games are possible to play on smartphones and tablets. Now the number of mobile gamers is rising exponentially, the game developers are trying hard to supply qualitative engaging games. On our website, we always guide you about some blockbuster games that require lots of time. However, with this article, we are going to tell you what are some cool pastime games that can be played within a few minutes.
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Ryan Reynold’s Firing All Male Writers is not him “Selling Out”

Many have begun decrying Ryan Reynolds as a sellout with the recent revelation that Deadpool 1 and 2’s male writers had been let go in order to fulfill a diversity quota. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who wrote Deadpool 1, 2, and both Zombieland movies, will not be returning to write Deadpool 3.
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