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Harley Quinn Comic Takes Aim At #ComicsGate, MRAs, Conservatives
Harley Quinn

DC Comics’ Harley Quinn: Who Let The Cats out dropped and it isn’t going over well with fans at all….

Star Wars Revenue Takes Dive Across Video Games, Merchandise, Comic Books
Star Wars Dying

The Left-wing media only reports on certain topics regarding certain media properties. They have a very obvious bias and agenda…

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Dub Delayed, But It’s Not Because Of The SJW Backlash
The Rising of the Shield Hero

Crunchyroll is catching both flak and gaining a lot of positive attention over the new winter anime, The Rising of…

Anime Feminist Got So Verklempt Over The Rising Of The Shield Hero They Refused To Review It Properly
Rising Shield Hero

Apparently major anime review websites in the West seem to be operated by people who hate anime. It’s like how…

SJWs Triggered Over Rising Of The Shield Hero Showing Damage Of Fake Rape Accusations
The Rising of the Shield Hero

[Update: Added more citations of fake rape allegations] A preview for the first episode of Rising Of The Shield Hero…

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer Puts Carmen On Pants, Turns Her Into An Anti-Villain
Carmen Sandiego

Netflix released the full trailer for the reboot of Carmen Sandiego, which stars Gina Rodriguez from the CW show Jane…

Doctor Who New Year’s Special Ratings Down 18% With Just 5.15 Million Viewers
Doctor Who Ratings

The numbers are in, and the New Year’s special of Doctor Who, staring Jodie Whittaker, has not fared well at…

How Woke Is Bird Box? Examining Netflix Film’s SJW Elements
Bird Box (2019)

The trailers for the Netflix film Bird Box almost looked promising, but there was an underlying feeling that nagged and…

The Punisher Season 2 Gets Woke: Main Villain Is Alt-Right Christian Fundamentalist
The Punisher

When Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be getting more “diverse” and “inclusive”, most…

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel’s Movies Are Heading In A More Diverse Direction
Captain marvel diversity

If you were satisfied with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being passably entertaining schlock with root-worthy heroes and storylines that –…

Watch Commando Ninja Right Now On YouTube
Commando Ninja

Ben Combes’ Commando Ninja is currently up and available for viewing over on YouTube. You can watch the hour long…

Men In Black: International Trailer Keeps The Diversity Agenda To A Minimum
Men In Black International 2019

With Hollywood going off the deep end into the Diversity agenda, you can pretty much expect a lot of what…

Commando Ninja, Retro 1980s-Inspired Action Movie Launches On YouTube December 21st, 2018
Commando Ninja

French director Benjamin Combes managed to get Commando Ninja crowdfunded back in 2016 over on Kickstarter for €31,953. The movie…

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