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GamesAndGirls Episode 4 Has Been Approved, Will Launch Uncensored On Steam
GamesAndGirls Episode 4

The fourth episode for Games&Girls will finally launch on Steam, joining the other three episodes that are currently available on…

Morningdew Farms, Gay Dating Sim With A Furry Launches Uncensored On Steam
Morningdew Farms

Leave it to Valve to constantly maintain hypocritical curation policies and a clearly biased product review team for Steam releases….

Otogi Frontier, R18+ JRPG Lands On Nutaku And DMM
Otogi Frontier

The developers of Otogi Frontier announced that the chibi-style R18+ JRPG is currently available on both the DMM web portal…

Onechanbara Origin TGS Videos Give Us First Look At Combat And Tons Of Cleavage
Onechanbara Origin

Brand new gameplay video has surfaced for Onechanbara Origin for the PlayStation 4. I’m still trying to wrap my head…

Street Fighter 5 Mod Puts Poison In Monster Princess Do-S’ Dominatrix Outfit
Street Fighter V Poison Monster Princess

If you enjoyed the dominatrix outfit that Monster Princess Do-S sports in One Punch Man, then you’ll probably be extra…

Blood Machines Final Trailer Brings Heavy Doses Of Sex Appeal And Sci-Fi Action
Blood Machines

Logical Pictures and Shudder rolled out the final trailer for the French indie film, Blood Machines ahead of its release…

Celeste Update Includes Gay And Trans Pride Flags
Celeste Trans Flag

Matt Makes Games’ Celeste was always suspected of being a game themed around Left-wing propaganda, but there was never any…

Uragoner, Turn-Based Roguelite With Hot Waifus Is Launching Soon
Uragoner - Waifus

Kuso-Otoko announced that the lewd, cyberpunk roguelite called Uragoner will be launching soon via Patreon. Those who have backed the…

Ghost Blade HD Heads To Nintendo Switch With Special Boxed Editions
Ghost Blade HD

Hucast Games and 2Dream Corporation announced that Ghost Blade HD is headed to the Nintendo Switch in Asia. Pre-orders are…

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Censored In China
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

To the shock of absolutely no one, Square Enix’s mobile outing of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has been heavily censored…

#GamerGate And Zoe Quinn Entries Censored On Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary GamerGate

[Update 9/9/2019:] Following the publication of this article, the entry for “GamerGate” on Urban Dictionary has been updated again, as…

Subverse Closed Beta Set For September 28th, Early Access Nixed

Studio FOW’s Subverse was the one game that rocked the gaming world earlier this year when it blasted past its…

Gears 5 Ending Explained
Gears 5 Ending Explained

There were some people claiming that Gears 5 was fine; that it wasn’t woke. However, it turns out that the…

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