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Disney Music Publisher Claims Darth Vader Fan Film On YouTube And Monetizes It
Vader Fan Film

YouTuber Star Wars Theory posted a video on January 14th, 2019 about Disney’s music publisher Warner Chappell claiming the monetization…

City Of Brass, Arabian Nights Action-Adventure Game Heads To Nintendo Switch February 8th
City of Brass

The former developers of BioShock teamed up to work on the game City Of Brass for PC and home consoles….

Artifact Reported To Have lost 97% Of Players In Less Than 2 Months

Back on November 28th, 2018, Valve attempted to pick up the card game crowd endemic to Hearthstone and Magic the…

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Now Available For PS4, Xbox One With 4K, 60fps Support
Hitman Blood Money

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive announced that the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is now available for the PS4…

VG 24/7 Tries To Defend Battlefield V’s Propaganda, Advocates For More Diversity In Gaming
Battlefield V

Any development studio that isn’t working on some tiny basement-bin game on a quid for a crumpet budget that decides…

YouTube Terminates Mumkey Jones’ Girlfriend Channel; Mutes Him On Twitter
Mumkey Jones

YouTube has had it in for Mumkey Jones ever since some feminists took aim at the content creator and labeled…

Dark Alley Elf Sports A Free Uncensored Demo On Mikandi
Dark ALley Elf

Valve may be cracking down on lewd games on Steam, using an inconsistent barometer to measure what does and what…

SJW Complains That Blizzard Didn’t Force Soldier 76’s Gayness Onto More Overwatch Players
Soldier 76 Gay

When Blizzard announced that the leader of the hero group, Overwatch, was gay, it was spread all over the news…

Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer Removes Demo Timer
Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Trainer

If you picked up the free demo for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake and you’re not totally digging that annoying…

Dead Or Alive 6 Producer Yohei Shimbori Says He Was Misunderstood Regarding Clothing Damage
Dead or Alive 6 Clothing Destruction

Dead or Alive 6 producer and director, Yohei Shimbori, took to Twitter on his personal account to proclaim that the…

MasterCard Drops ‘MasterCard’ Name From Branding Amid Deplatforming Controversy

MasterCard announced that they will no longer be using the word “MasterCard” with their branded logo. Yes, they will be…

Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones, 1920s Lovecraftian-RPG Has Free Demo On Steam
Stygian Regin of the Old Ones

Cultic Games and 1C Entertainment’s Kickstarted role-playing game, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, is finally nearing its release. The…

Senran Kagura Asuka Special Taiyaki PS4 Japanese Theme Gets Censored
PS4 Senran Kagura Theme

Some gamers have discovered that a new PS4 background theme that recently became available over on the Japanese version of…

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