The most important announcements presented at BlizzConline 2021

Blizzard is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic development companies in the history of videogames, since most of its franchises have left an indelible mark on the industry, and some of them have even managed to shape entire videogame genres, as is the case of World of Warcraft, which is considered the most important MMORPG in history, or the Diablo series, a game that practically established a sub-genre of ARPGs.

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Online Gambling Is Benefiting from Increased Smartphone Usage

The gambling industry has witnessed a lot of changes in the past few years. Even, it was out of the concept to think players could have access to numerous gambling games at their fingertips with the internet. With the availability of online casinos, this is not a new thing now. Desktop casino software convenient for the users, mobile casino apps have changed the whole game. The number of online gamblers using a smartphone is increasing exponentially. Here, we are going to take a look at how smartphones and online gambling.

Live Casino Games on the Go

Live games have long been part of the portfolio of online casinos. However, due to the lack of a fast internet connection and the associated dropouts, they were frowned upon for a long time. Players were able to play such games on the desktop but it was quite hard to enjoy on the smartphones. This has changed because there are particularly fast data rates on the go thanks to the 4G and 5G, plus the high-end specs in the smartphones.

By competing against other players in real-time, online casinos create a significant plus point for entertainment and the players can stay in the game regardless of where they are. Further developments contribute to the fact that the range of available solutions is constantly expanding.

Mobile Gambling Apps Are the Future

Mobile-friendly casino websites are already popular, but in the last decade, we have seen a sudden surge of mobile casino apps by most providers. Casino providers know that players would prefer easy and quick access to gambling, and apps could be much better than mobile-friendly websites. Players can have quick access to Megaways games, poker, roulette, bingo, online pokies, and many more gambling games. In this regard, not only is access significantly simplified, but a consistent overall picture is also created. Due to the fact that these can be used on the move and can still achieve the usual speeds due to LTE and 5G, many analysts see the future in the use of mobile apps, which can once again significantly promote the user experience in online gambling.

Another point for using apps when it comes to gambling is simplifying mobile payments. Regardless of whether you want to pay with real money or cryptocurrencies, mobile transactions are faster than ever before, which is why there is no longer any need for awkward instructions for using money, but everything can be explained in the app itself.

New Tech Developments Mobile Phones

Every year, every smartphone manufacturer puts its latest mobile phone and outdates its last year’s device. This ever-growing smartphone industry has helped online casinos in many ways. People want innovation in gambling games and the incorporation of virtual reality and augmented reality games are being developed to render high-quality games. These technologies have compatibility with smartphones.

So, when players can have a real casino experience through their smartphones with the help of such gadgets, they would not prefer traditional casinos or gambling on desktops. Gambling software companies have played a great role in developing customized games for mobile apps without compromising the gameplay experience.

What games are offered at online lotteries?

lottery balls

Lotteries have a storied history to them. First originating in recorded history during the Han Dynasty, they were simple games where a person would draw wooden sticks that would determine the person’s lot. The proceeds from these lotteries went to the development of the Great Wall of China.
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On the Rise and Future of Mobile Gambling

Change is the one constant in this world. It is arguable that this chaos is what gave rise to life in the first place, and in all likelihood, at some distant point unfathomable to man, it will bring an end to the very life that arose because of it. Less philosophically and more pragmatic civilization changes as it shifts through various epochs. Growing, shrinking, dissolving, and arising.
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Shall I sell my mobile phone before Christmas for more cash

As our partners from Rapidphonebuyer is saying, the festive season of Christmas approaches, there will be several offers put up on mobile phones of all kinds. You can expect a considerable discount on handsets of brands like Apple, Samsung, and others. What this also means is the resale value of older models will decline further. It thus makes sense to get rid of your old phone as early as possible to get maximum cash.
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What Epic Hopes to Achieve With Their Lawsuit Will End The Game Industry As We Know It

Not gold, nor power or privilege, did it cost Epic to convince consumers to work against their better interest. All it cost them was offering a 20% discount when giving them money, and people were hailing them as the conquering hero. Here at long last to vanquish the evil multi-billion dollar conglomerate who had the audacity to charge the industry standard 30% rate. Continue reading “What Epic Hopes to Achieve With Their Lawsuit Will End The Game Industry As We Know It”

Tim Sweeney Misportrays Apple’s Statements

At present, Tim Sweeney is attempting to mislead his audience regarding discoveries that Epic requested a special exemption from Apple’s terms of service, as to allow them to implement their separate payment system. In line with his current persona of the champion of the little guy, he is claiming Apple is attempting to mislead people and that they asked for exceptions for everyone. Continue reading “Tim Sweeney Misportrays Apple’s Statements”

Apple Issues a Rebuttal To Epics Temporary Restraining Order

Earlier this week, Epic Games filed for a temporary restraining order to prevent Apple from removing Fortnite from the App Store and prevent the company from terminating their developer’s account along with access to developer tools the company needs to develop the Unreal Engine for iOS. On Friday, Apple’s legal team filed their counter-motion for the dismissal of the motion for the temporary restraining order. Continue reading “Apple Issues a Rebuttal To Epics Temporary Restraining Order”

Take-Two Interactive To Acquire Mobile Dev Playdots, As Per Report

Take-Two Interactive not too long ago revealed that it has plans on acquiring Playdots. In a new report following the acquisition, we learn that the deal will see Take-Two Interactive possessing the mobile games studio for $192 million. Continue reading “Take-Two Interactive To Acquire Mobile Dev Playdots, As Per Report”

Genshin Impact PC Release Date Set For September 28th

Genshin Impact

The miHoYo Team announced that the open-air adventure game mirrored after Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, called Genshin Impact, will be arriving on PC, Android and iOS starting September 28th, 2020 at the end of next month. Continue reading “Genshin Impact PC Release Date Set For September 28th”

Apple Terminates Epic Games Development Account

As previously reported, Apple and Epic are currently engaged in a legal battle over ownership and control of private ecosystems. Wherein Apple maintains they have a right to control their private ecosystem, whereas Epic is alleging permitting them to do so is a violation of the Sherman Act. Continue reading “Apple Terminates Epic Games Development Account”

Apple Removes Fortnite From App Store Due To Epic Trying To Circumvent 30% Distribution Fees


Every major digital distributor out there takes a 30% distribution fee. It’s how the business has been running for years. It’s how it operates at Google, on Steam, and iTunes. Whichever way it goes, you’re paying someone 30% to host or deliver your product. Well, Epic Games has decided that they don’t want to pay those fees anymore by restricting payments to being direct between them and the consumer, and Apple isn’t having any of it so they decided to remove Fortnite from the iTunes App Store. Continue reading “Apple Removes Fortnite From App Store Due To Epic Trying To Circumvent 30% Distribution Fees”

Attentat 1942 Banned In 4 Countries From Google Play For Referencing Nazis

Attentat 1942

Google has banned the historical visual novel, Attentat 1942, from the Google Play Store in four countries: Germany, Russia, Austria, and France. The reason for the ban? Because it references Nazis. Continue reading “Attentat 1942 Banned In 4 Countries From Google Play For Referencing Nazis”