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MxR Mods YouTube Channel Gets De-Partnered And Completely Demonetized
MxR Mods

For the last decade one of the most popular modding channels on YouTube has been MxR Mods, a cheeky outlet…

YS Net Latest Shenmue 3 Update Covers Refunds And PC Option Revision

YS Net has come around with a new Shenmue 3 update regarding refunds and PC option revision in update 114#….

Weekly Recap Sept 21st: United Nations To Enact A Lolicaust, YouTube Fetishizes De-Verification
Weekly Recap

Clown World continues to morph out of the little blue ball that used to be known as planet Earth, and…

Second Galaxy Reportedly Banning Hong Kong Players
Second Galaxy

Zilong Game Limited’s free-to-play MMO, Second Galaxy, is currently being review bombed by Hong Kong gamers over on the Steam…

Trails Of Cold Steel 3 Demo Lets You Carry Over Save Data To Full Game
Trailers of Cold Steel 3 Demo

NIS America released a brand new playable demo, available for free, of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel…

Ni No Kuni Remastered Edition Now Available On Steam, PS4
Ni No kuni Wrath of the White Witch

Bandai Namco and Level-5’s Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered is now available on Steam for PC….

Daymare 1998 Gameplay Walkthrough
Daymare 1998 Walkthrough

Invader Studios and Destructive Creations’ Daymare 1998 has been one of the msot highly anticipated survival-horror games to come out…

“Islam Is Right About Women” Signs Trigger Women And Muslims
Islam is right about women

Is it Islamaphobic? Is it misogynistic? Could it be both? That’s what women and Muslims are questioning after seeing signs…

Star Trek: Discovery Lawsuit Plagiarism Ends With Ruling Against Tardigrades Dev

Back in August of 2018, independent developer Anas Abdin filed a lawsuit against CBS regarding Star Trek: Discover allegedly ripping…

Code Vein Demo Update Reportedly Live For PS4 And Xbox One

Bandai Namco released the playable demo of Code Vein back on September 3rd, 2019. The demo that is currently available…

Merriam-Webster Gets Woke And Adds Nonbinary Pronoun “They” To Dictionary
Dictionary On Fire

Biologically there is no such thing as a “nonbinary person”. It doesn’t exist. It’s not real. It’s not based on…

GamesAndGirls Episode 4 Has Been Approved, Will Launch Uncensored On Steam
GamesAndGirls Episode 4

The fourth episode for Games&Girls will finally launch on Steam, joining the other three episodes that are currently available on…

Digital Bros. Reveals Epic Games Store Paid $10.4 Million For Control Timed Exclusivity

We now know how much the Epic Games Store paid for 505 Games and Remedy’s Control — despite the game…

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