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THQ Nordic Reviving Nickelodeon Titles Such As Avatar, Rugrats, SpongeBob
Avatar THQ

A bunch of licensed property games are going to be making a return soon thanks to THQ Nordic, a publisher…

Ubisoft And Tencent Partner Up; Vivendi Abandons Ubisoft Takeover
Vivendi Ubisoft

For the last several years there have been constant ongoing stories about Vivendi looking to get back into the AAA…

Atari Renames AtariBox To Atari VCS, Pre-Order Date Coming In April, 2018
Atari VCS

Atari announced that prototypes of the new Atari VCS will be available at this year’s Game Developers Conference, with demonstrations…

Media Outlets Pressure Valve To Shutdown Anti-Feminist Steam Groups, Nationalist Groups
Steam Nazi Censorship

Various reports have surfaced indicating that Valve is “silently” cracking down on Steam groups that contain nationalist themes, Nazi imagery,…

Gamers Call Out CityNews Toronto For Video Game Addiction Segment
City News

CityNews Toronto’s Nitish Bissonauth ran a two and a half minute piece about video game addiction and the recent World…

Vice Media Replaces CEO With Nancy Dubuc, Following Era Of Sexual Harassment Culture
Vice Media

Vice Media, under the helm of CEO Shane smith, was supposed to usher in a feminist-friendly atmosphere; a culture themed…

Venezuelan Gamer Warns Americans About Dangers Of Banning Games
Mercenaries 2 Game Ban

A Venezuelan gamer sent an e-mail to game developer Troy Leavitt from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Leavitt has a YouTube…

U.K’s Digital ID Verification Mandate For 18+ Sites Pushed Back To Late 2018
Adult Website Rating

U.K., Parliament announced last year that the Digital Economy Act was supposed to go into effect in April of 2018….

Omega Labyrinth Z Banned In U.K. For Promoting Underage Sexual Interaction
Omega Labyrinth Z Banned

European publisher PQube confirmed recently that Omega Labyrinth Z will not release in the U.K., or Ireland. It will not…

President Trump Acknowledges Correlation Between Video Game Violence And Real Violence
White House Video Game Violence

Following the White House summit on March 8th, 2018 where anti-gaming activists and some of the CEOs from the AAA…

Republicans Would Prefer To Play Games With Betty White, Donald Trump; Democrats Prefer Snoop Dogg, Obama
Donald Trump Gaming

There are some fairly significant divides in how Republicans and Democrats view video games. In a commissioned survey by Minkonet,…

Feminists Rejoice Over Super Seducer Being Censored From PS4
Super Seducer Censorship

Super Seducer is pick-up artistry edutainment, teaching single men the do’s and don’ts of flirting with metropolitan women. It doesn’t…

ESA Says Video Games Aren’t The Issue, America’s Gun Violence Is The Issue
Video Game Violence

President Donald Trump has been putting a strong focus on media and video game violence following the high school shooting…

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