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Chris Matthews’ Sexual Harassment Accuser Was Paid By NBC To Stay Silent
Chris Matthews

According to multiple reports surfacing, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, host of Hardball With Chris Matthews, was allegedly involved in a sexual…

Senator Al Franken Resigns Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Al Franken Sexual Misconduct

Photos and testimony of Al Franken engaged in sexual misconduct surfaced, and despite attempting to clear his name of the…

John Conyers Steps Aside From House Judiciary Committee Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation
John Conyers

Several carefully worded missives have made their way out onto into the public sphere from ranking Representatives amid the startling…

French UFC-Que Choisir Calls For Ban On Premium Loot Boxes Sold To Minors
Battlefront 2 Loot Box Illegal

The French consumer advocacy group, the UFC-Que Choisir, has penned a request to the French authority for online gaming and…

Hawaii Pursuing Legislation To Ban Star Wars: Battlefront 2-Style Loot Boxes
Haiwaii Loot Box Legislation

Hawaii Democratic representative, Chris Lee, issued press statements recently alongside other concerned parents, gamers and residents over the rising prominence…

Congressman John Conyers Outed For Alleged Sexual Misconduct Cover-Up
John Conyers

The wheels of the sexual misconduct train continue to turn at a blistering pace, with the Weinstein blow-up moving from…

Charlie Rose Suspended From 60 Minutes, PBS, Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Charlie Rose Suspended

Longtime interviewer and journalist, Charlie Rose, has been suspended from his duties at 60 Minutes on CBS, and from his…

Carl Sargeant Labour MP Commits Suicide After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface
Carl Sargeant Commits Suicide

Carl Sargeant, the Welsh Labour cabinet secretary for communities and children, was ousted from his position on November 3rd, 2017….

Troll Groups Paid To Sow Political Tension Via BLM, Alt-Right, NRA Propaganda, States Reports
Russian Trolls

Black Lives Matter, attacks for and against the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration topics, attacks for and against Muslims, and Blacktivism…

Anti-GamerGate Journalist Sam Kriss Suspended From Labour Party Due To Sexual Misconduct
Sam kriss GamerGate

The allegations of sexual misconduct carried out by former Vice journalist and anti-#GamerGate critic, Sam Kriss, managed to reach the…

Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Sam Kriss Belongs In Prison, Says British MP
Sam Kriss GamerGate

British Labour MP, Jess Phillips, took to Twitter to publicly condemn Sam Kriss, a former contributor and journalist to Vice…

Rick Santorum Tries To Blame Video Games Following Las Vegas Shooting
Rick Santorum

During a debate about gun control on CNN following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, politician Rick Santorum decided to…

Muslim Woman Publicly Criticizes Canadian SJWs For Rejecting Diversity Of Opinion
Justin Trudeau

A female Muslim student living in Canada named Palvasha Qureshi, penned an opinion piece recently criticizing Canadian Prime Minister, Justin…

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