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Carl Sargeant Labour MP Commits Suicide After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface
Carl Sargeant Commits Suicide

Carl Sargeant, the Welsh Labour cabinet secretary for communities and children, was ousted from his position on November 3rd, 2017….

Troll Groups Paid To Sow Political Tension Via BLM, Alt-Right, NRA Propaganda, States Reports
Russian Trolls

Black Lives Matter, attacks for and against the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration topics, attacks for and against Muslims, and Blacktivism…

Anti-GamerGate Journalist Sam Kriss Suspended From Labour Party Due To Sexual Misconduct
Sam kriss GamerGate

The allegations of sexual misconduct carried out by former Vice journalist and anti-#GamerGate critic, Sam Kriss, managed to reach the…

Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Sam Kriss Belongs In Prison, Says British MP
Sam Kriss GamerGate

British Labour MP, Jess Phillips, took to Twitter to publicly condemn Sam Kriss, a former contributor and journalist to Vice…

Rick Santorum Tries To Blame Video Games Following Las Vegas Shooting
Rick Santorum

During a debate about gun control on CNN following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, politician Rick Santorum decided to…

Muslim Woman Publicly Criticizes Canadian SJWs For Rejecting Diversity Of Opinion
Justin Trudeau

A female Muslim student living in Canada named Palvasha Qureshi, penned an opinion piece recently criticizing Canadian Prime Minister, Justin…

Government Shuts Down Antifa Website; Police Raid Homes Of German SJWs
Antifa - G20 Summit

Many on the Right have called for action against extremists on the Left. While the media has played up sympathy…

Petition Asks White House To Recognize Antifa As A Formal Terrorist Organization
Antifa Petition

A petition with more than 221,000 signatures has requested for the White House to formally recognize the anarcho-communist group Antifa…

CNN Blackmailed The Wrong Person Posting Trump Memes
CNN Fake News

CNN posted a follow-up to their article about the Reddit user apologizing to CNN about making a meme featuring Donald…

CNN Blackmailed U.S. Citizen Into Apology Over Trump Meme, Argues Congressman
Trump vs CNN

A United Statements Congressman for Virginia and former Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to argue that CNN has…

CNN’s Van Jones Says Russia/Trump Story Is “Nothing Burger”
CNN Van Jones

There’s been further corroboration from those within CNN that the whole Donald Trump and Russia angle is a fabricated lie….

CNN Producer John Bonifield Admits The Russia/Trump Story Is Mostly Fake News
CNN Fake News

There hasn’t been any certifiable or substantial evidence about Russia “hacking” the elections. The media and even American politicians have…

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Free Speech Instead Of Hurt Feelings
The Slants SCOTUS Win

The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the past eight years have denied trademark rights to the Asian-American band,…

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