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Blood Stained: Ritual Of The Night VA Lines Will Feature Easter Eggs By Fans

Blood Stained: Ritual of the Night will sport both Japanese and English VA audio/text. However the game’s English voice recording…

Superbeat: XONiC Now Available For The Nintendo Switch
Superbeat XONiC Nintendo Switch

PM Studios’ Superbeat: XONiC came out back in the summer of this year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4….

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Lego Marve super Heroes 2 Walkthrough

TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC…

Mulaka Devs Explore Tarahumara Myth And Culture In Upcoming Adventure Game

Mexican game studio Lienzo released a new behind-the-scenes documentary to take a look at the rarely talked about Tarahumara culture…

Square Enix Talks Plans For Switch, Steam And New Titles

Square Enix president and representative director Yosuke Matsuda has shared select plans for the Nintendo Switch, new titles, Steam, and…

Gear.Club Unlimited, Customization-Heavy Racing Game Launches For Nintendo Switch
Gear Club Unlimited Switch Launch

Eden Games’ Gear.Club Unlimited has made its way from the far corners of Android gaming to the center stage of…

MXGP3, Motorcross Racing Game Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Milestone announced that the motorcross racing game, MXGP3: The Official Video Game, is now available both digitally and physically at…

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1 In 2018
Valkyria Chronicles 4

The developers behind Valkyria Chronicles announced that a new game is in the works. They’ve been working on creating a…

Skyrim On Switch Vs PS4: Runs At 900p Docked, 720p Undocked At Stable 30fps
Skyrim Nintendo Switch

Bethesda and Nintendo have announced that Skyrim is currently available for download and available for purchase from participating retailers for…

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Reveals Gordeau, Yukiko Amagi And Azreal

Publisher and developer Arc System Works have released a new trailer showing off the latest playable characters you’ll be able…

Xenoraid Now Available On Switch; Crimsonland Coming Soon To Switch
Xenoraid Switch

10tons Ltd., are known for recycling their game concepts and churning out one title after another by swapping assets and…

Nintendo Switch, SNES Classic Edition Outsell Xbox One, PS4 In October NPD Charts
Super Mario Odyssey

It’s starting to get embarrassing now. Nintendo is taking off the belt and whipping the flesh off the bare bottoms…

Human: Fall Flat, Physics-Based Adventure Game Lands On Nintendo Switch Dec 7th
Human Fall Flat

One of the more original and offbeat games that took Steam by storm was No Brakes Games’ Human: Fall Flat….

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