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Shenmue 3 Reportedly Undergoes Slight Alterations For Chinese Localization
Shenmue 3

Deep Silver and are prepping for the release of Shenmue III this fall on PC and PS4. The long…

VietDOOM Mod For DOOM Will Add Fully Destructible Environments, Vietnam-Era Weapons

Sgt Mark IV is back with a new mod for DOOM, this time it’s called VietDOOM. The total conversion mod…

Cultist Simulator Dev Alexis Kennedy Bites Back Against #Metoo Accusations
Cultist Simulator

Alexis Kennedy, an independent developer from Weather Factory and maker of Cultist Simulator, recently addressed some allegations put forward by…

Twitch Temp-Bans Quqco For Wearing Chun-Li Cosplay
Quqco Twitch Ban

Twitch temporarily suspended streamer quqco for wearing a Chun-Li cosplay, based on the popular character from Capcom’s Street Fighter series….

Code Vein TGS 2019 Stream Shows Off Gameplay, Boob Jiggle, And Boss Fight

Code Vein’s latest Tokyo Game Show 2019 presentation reveals the busty Io briefly caged, various gameplay, a boss fight, and…

Grimmstar, Massive Scale Space Combat Sim Announced

Astro Naughty Games recently announced a new space sim called Grimmstar. The game is one of those scaled simulators where…

Dino Crisis Being Remade By Fans In Unreal Engine 4
Dino Crisis UE4

Team Arklay released a three minute video of their fan-made remake of Capcom’s abandoned but not forgotten classic, Dino Crisis….

End of the road for Windows 7: Windows 10 exceeds 50% market share for the first time ever! Get ready and Upgrade to Windows 10 NOW – starting from €9,62/$11,38 in AUTUMN SALE!

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post] Just over four years after its launch – and for the first time ever!…

Street Fighter 5 Mod Puts Poison In Monster Princess Do-S’ Dominatrix Outfit
Street Fighter V Poison Monster Princess

If you enjoyed the dominatrix outfit that Monster Princess Do-S sports in One Punch Man, then you’ll probably be extra…

River City Girls Cheats Enable God Mode, Infinite Money
River City Girls Cheats

Wayforward Games’ River City Girls was slightly undermined by the game director’s sociopolitical screed against gamers while attempting to grovel…

Last Labyrinth, VR Escape-Room Heads To PC, PS4 November 13th
Last Labyrinth

Amata’s VR title, Last Labyrinth, was crowd-funded back in January of 2019 for home consoles and PC. The Japanese developer’s…

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Video Previews Fishing, Cooking, Side-Quests And Costumes
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Bandai Namco held a presentation for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. They had an adjacent…

Touring Karts, Multiplayer Kart Racer Enters Early Access On Steam For VR Headsets
Touring Karts

Ivanovich Games’ Touring Karts has officially entered into Early Access on Steam for $19.99. During the first week of release…

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