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Visage Gameplay Video Promises PT Demo’s Psychological Horror
Visage Car

A new video recently found its way online for the upcoming horror game called Visage. A near 22 minute gameplay…

Explore the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe’s Newest Expansion

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored article] Summary: The Plains of Eidolon expansion releases this fall for Warframe. It will change…

City Of Brass, Arabian-Themed First-Person Rogue-Lite Enters Early Access
City of Brass Early Access

Uppercut Games announced that their first-person, Arabian-themed, rogue-lite, adventure-platformer, City of Brass, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam…

Frostpunk Gameplay Video Reveals The Harsh Realities Of Surviving A Winter Apocalypse

11 Bit Studios’ upcoming survival strategy game, Frostpunk, is a unique mixture of city management, social diplomacy, and survival simulation….

Tree Of Life Lets You Create Your Own Village In A Player-Driven Economy
Tree of Life MMO

OddoneGames and NeoBricks’ independently made MMORPG, Tree of Life, is an odd little game that popped up during the middle…

Exzore The Rising Hands-On Alpha Preview: A Work In Progress
Exzore The Rising

Alpha demos are pretty impossible to write about in any significant manner that properly reflects to gamers what they can…

Ghost of a Tale Xbox One Preview: The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Feet
Ghost of a Tale

[Disclosure: A preview key was provided for the contents of this article] As we all know, life is full of…

Splatoon 2 Hands-On Preview: Designed For Casual Gamers
Splatoon 2

The second public preview for the upcoming Splatoon 2 was made available for Nintendo Switch owners. The one-day demo Splatfest…

WWE 2K18 Features Free-Roaming Backstage, New Realistic Graphics Engine
WWE 2K18

Some new details have emerged about 2K Games’ upcoming take on WWE 2K18. The studio invited various prominent YouTubers out…

Karnage Chronicles Hands-On VR Preview: Fun In Short Bursts
Karnage Chronicles Preview

[Disclosure: A preview key was provided for the contents of this article] One of the games currently in development for…

Aven Colony Preview: Console Yourselves
Aven Colony Preview

As the giant sandworm erupted from its cavern just inches away from a recently built geothermal power plant, you’d think…

E3 2017: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Features Deformable Planets, Character Creation
Beyond Good and Evil 2

After initially unveiling Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3 this year, Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel decided to showcases some of…

E3 2017: Battle Chasers Video Previews Comic-Style Burst Abilities
Battle Chasers Nightwar

Airship Syndicate’s Battle Chasers could be one of the dark horse releases of the year. It’s due out this fall…

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