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Ashes Of Creation PAX East Video Demonstrates Party Skills, Out-Of-Combat Challenges
Ashes of Creation

At PAX East this past weekend, Intrepid Studios recorded a near half-hour session from Ashes of Creation, showcasing some of…

Where’s Lamplight City? Booth PL4024, Moscone North, GDC Play
Lamplight City

When I interacted with Francisco González last summer, Lamplight City was at most a regular weekend-find on my map. Ads…

The Long Reach is Out, Yes, But What’s Happened To New Hampshire?
The Long Reach

Entry number two in my pixel art continuum. Yes, continuum seems like the right word because while the only resemblance…

What’s a Razerwire? Humanity’s Last Recourse Apparently

[Disclosure: A Steam key was provided for the contents of this article] Co-founder, Project Manager, Lead Developer & Designer at…

Sea Of Thieves Hands-On Preview: I Might Buy This Game
Sea of Thieves Preview

The open beta for Sea of Thieves came and went about as quickly as the pleasure involved with losing your…

And How Have You Fared In Other Waters?
In Other Waters

Immutable biological devastation. Exoplanetary research. Intergalactic colonies. Humanity has been on the brink of a dystopia one-too many times now….

Editorial: Could The Release Of Unique Indie FPS Games Spawn More Hybrid Games?

Usually when a popular or unique title hits the gaming scene it creates a ripple and we see spin-offs, rip-offs…

Hunt Showdown Alpha Video Is Intense Like DayZ And Very Atmospheric
Hunt Showdown

Crytek’s Hunt Showdown has finally had some kind of public exposure through a limited closed beta test. We’ve finally been…

SNK Heroines Video Previews Scandalously Succulent Attire And Character Select Options
SNK Heroines

NIS America and SNK Corporation have 10 minutes worth of gameplay footage from the upcoming fighting title due to drop…

Contagion VR: Outbreak Is An Intense Survival-Horror Game For Vive, Rift
Contagion VR Outbreak

Monochrome’s upcoming first-person, VR shooter is yet another zombie survival game. If you thought that VR was a bit starved…

The Release Of League of Legends’ New Season: What’s New
League of Legends Season 8 Preview

[Disclosure: The following article contains a promotional link] The most played online game, League of Legends, is set to return…

Shadow Of The Colossus Runs At 1440p On PS4 Pro, Has 60fps Performance Mode
Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Resolution

During this year’s PSX event in Anaheim, California, Sony and the developers working on the upcoming remake of Shadow of…

EA Sports UFC 3 Beta Shows So Much Needed Gameplay Upgrades
EA Sports UFC 3

During the live beta for EA Sports UFC 3 we were treated to a few new features for the game,…

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