Outer Wilds Gameplay Walkthrough

Outer Wilds Walkthrough

A lot of people probably forgot about Mobius Digital’s The Outer Wilds since it launched on the Epic Games Store for PC and nobody cares about the Epic Games Store. A lot of others also probably forgot about it even though it launched on the Xbox One as well, mainly because nobody cares about the Xbox anymore. Even still, if you needed a little help beating the game, there are some walkthroughs available. Continue reading “Outer Wilds Gameplay Walkthrough”

The Church In The Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough

Church In The Darkness Walkthrough

Paranoid Productions’ The Church In The Darkness recently dropped for the PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC. The isometric stealth game is about surviving a cult out in the middle of nowhere. More specifically, escaping from the cult. For those of you looking for a little help on how to play the game and what to do to unlock nearly 20 endings, there are some walkthrough guides available. Continue reading “The Church In The Darkness Gameplay Walkthrough”

Draugen Gameplay Walkthrough

Draugen Walkthrough

Red Thread Games released Draugen back in May, as a bit of a spring time adventure game set in the fjords of Norway. For gamers interested in the title looking for a gameplay walkthrough, there’s one available that covers the short walking sim from start to finish. Continue reading “Draugen Gameplay Walkthrough”

The Sinking City Gameplay Walkthrough

The Sinking City Walkthrough

Frogware and Bigben Interactive’s The Sinking City for Xbox One, PS4, and on the Epic Games Store for PC is one of the more highly anticipated titles of the summer. The non-linear detective game is like a mix of Frogware’s previous Sherlock Holmes titles fused with a Lovecraftian storyline. For gamers in need of a little bit of help completing the puzzles, finding clues, and fixing to solve a few cases, there are some gameplay walkthrough guides available for you. Continue reading “The Sinking City Gameplay Walkthrough”

Pathologic 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough

Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge and publisher tinyBuild managed to find a niche audience to take interest in their first-person psychological horror game, Pathologic 2 for the Xbox One, PS4, and on Steam for PC. For gamers interested in the title but may need a little help completing some of the segments, there is actually a gameplay walkthrough available. Continue reading “Pathologic 2 Gameplay Walkthrough”

Darkwood Gameplay Walkthrough

Darkwood Walkthrough

Acid Wizard Studio plopped Darkwood onto the Nintendo Switch, allowing the Unity-based survival-horror game to find a new audience after releasing on Steam for PC and on PS4. The top-down horror game has invited in a brand new audience of gamers willing to check out the ultra-creepy title, and those looking for a walkthrough might be able to find a few useful tips in this article. Continue reading “Darkwood Gameplay Walkthrough”

World War Z Gameplay Walkthrough

World War Z Walkthrough

Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures’ World War Z is one of those AA games for PC, PS4, and Xbox One that pretends to be an AAA game and kind of struts out into the waters only to find itself in a giant blue ocean, admired by a few people in a nearby dingy but ignored by most beach goers on shore. I could be wrong and it could be a huge AAA blockbuster-selling third-person shooter, but we won’t know that for sure until the sales numbers drop. In the meantime, if you were one of the few people in the dingy looking for a gameplay walkthrough, you came to the right place. Continue reading “World War Z Gameplay Walkthrough”

Outward Gameplay Walkthrough

Outward Walkthrough

Nine Dots Studio’s Outward has proven to be wildly popular and very challenging. It’s not an easy game, which means it can’t be played by many game journalists. However, for gamers out there that are trudging through the adventure and need a little help gaining their bearings and ironing out a pathway toward the mountain of success, there are some walkthrough guides available for Outward to at least help you get started in the right way. Continue reading “Outward Gameplay Walkthrough”

The Division 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

The Division 2 Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC is the next entry in the semi-apocalyptic third-person action-RPG series. This time instead of taking place in downtown Manhattan in New York, the action is set in Washington D.C. There are gameplay walkthrough guides available for those looking to get a little help in setting up their character and traversing through the occupied capital. Continue reading “The Division 2 Gameplay Walkthrough”

The Council: Episode 5 Walkthrough And Choices

The Council - Episode 5 Walkthrough

Focus Home Interactive and Big Bad Wolf released The Council: Episode 5 – Checkmate in late 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The fifth and final episode wrapped up the first season of the game with a startling, choice-based conclusion to the events that unfolded over the course of the story. If you needed a little help with some of the choices and puzzles, this walkthrough guide for The Council: Episode 5 might be able to help you out. Continue reading “The Council: Episode 5 Walkthrough And Choices”

Crackdown 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Crackdown 3 Walkthrough

Sumo Digital and Xbox Game Studios’ Crackdown 3 finally released on the Xbox One and Windows 10. The game pretty much had a ton of negative hype leading into its release, but after multiple delays and a modest weekend release, the game became available to round out the Crackdown trilogy. Continue reading “Crackdown 3 Gameplay Walkthrough”

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough And Choices

Lifge is Strange 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough

Dontnod Entertainment’s highly racist and very politically-charged sci-fi drama, Life Is Strange 2, finally has the second episode available called “Rules”. You can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, or Xbox One. Alternatively, if you already have a copy and you need some help with the choices, there is a gameplay walkthrough guide available for Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2 – Rules. Continue reading “Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough And Choices”

Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light Gameplay Walkthrough

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The game has been one of Nintendo’s biggest promoted titles of the year and now that it’s available there are tons of walkthroughs popping up, mostly because Nintendo recanted its aggressive and authoritarian content policy for livestreamers and content creators. Nevertheless, if you were looking for a basic walkthrough for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s World of Light mode, there are plenty of walkthrough guides available, including one right here. Continue reading “Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light Gameplay Walkthrough”