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Journos Get Butt Hurt Over WNBA 2k20 Memes

If you don’t know, The NBA 2K fanbase is pretty vocal about anything that comes to the series. Whether it…

River City Girls Trailer Previews Allies, Upgrades, And Bosses
River City Girls

Arc System Works rolled out a new two and a half minute trailer for River City Girls ahead of the…

Crying Is Not Enough Gameplay Walkthrough
Crying Is Not Enough Walkthrough

Storyline Team’s Crying Is Not Enough: Remastered came out back in the summer of 2018 over on the Steam store….

Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty Says Halo: Infinite Echoes Back To Halo’s Roots

It looks like Halo fans not pleased with Halo 5: Guardians might find solace in Halo: Infinite. Xbox Game Studios…

Gearbox Forum Moderator Warns Users Not To Misgender FL4K From Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 Fl4K Pronouns

We’ve reached peak insanity. Moderators on forums are now enforcing users to use the designated pronouns for fictional robot characters….

Dead Or Alive 6 Individual DLC Purchases Will Soon Come To PS4 In The West
Dead or Alive 6 DLC

PS4 owners who purchased Dead or Alive 6 were put into a rather precarious position when they were unable to…

GRID Playable Demo For Xbox One Will Be Available At GamesCom
GRID GamesCom

If you’re attending GamesCom in Cologne, Germany between August 20th and August 24th, there will be a playable demo available…

The Coma 2, Korean Horror Title Heading To PS4, Switch, Xbox, PC In 2019
The Coma 2

Devespresso Games, the makers of Vambrace: Cold Soul, announced that Korean made horror game, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, will…

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Comes Under Fire Again For Devs’ Political Explanation

Despite Activision and Infinity Ward’s attempt to add in a diverse cast and please the ever screeching Social Justice types,…

Capcom Is Sending Out Resident Evil Ambassador Letters To A Small Group To Test A New Game

Capcom has been reviving a lot of its older titles and continuing classic IPs such as Devil May Cry and…

Apex Legends EXP Event Won’t Air On ESPN TV Due To Recent Shootings
Apex Legends

E-sports consultant Rod Breslau shared a news story that ABC and ESPN won’t be airing the Xgames Apex Legends EXP…

No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer Previews Alien Mounts, Planetary Cores, And Multiplayer Expansion
No Man's Sky Beyond

Hello Games released the trailer for the next major update for No Man’s Sky called “Beyond”. The trailer gives gamers…

Hollow Knight Cheats Give You Infinite Geo, Unlimited Health
Hollow Knight Cheats

Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight became a sleeper hit success of 2017. The game went on to release on the PS4,…

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