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Wonder Woman 1984 Flops in International Markets

Warner Brothers, the subsidiary of the cash strapped $150 Billion in debt AT&T, last week released Wonder Woman 1984 to foreign markets. Despite some of the markets still being in limited states or recovering post lockdowns, many theaters across Asia, South America, and the Middle East remain open, allowing for a decent return on movie companies’ investment.

All hopes Wonder Woman 1984 would continue the strong sales trend established by the original movie died as the weekend box office closed at a mere $38.5 million according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Of said $38 million, $18.8 million came from the Chinese market, where its predecessor earned $90.5 million on opening weekend. Taiwanese markets pulled in $3.6 million, Thailand netted a measly $2 million, Brazil floundered at $1.7 million, and the movie earned a combined $1.6 million in Mexico and Japan.

To grasp how poorly this movie has done in Japan and in general. Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train as of last week has generated over $310 million worldwide. During its opening day, the movie grossed $11.3 million and went on to earn $44 million by the conclusion of its opening weekend. Demonstrating there is a continued demand for quality product in the region, despite Covid-19’s lockdowns’ economic impact.

Compounding the issue for Warner Brothers, Wonder Woman 1984 cost a whopping $200 million to produce. That isn’t factoring in advertisement costs, which typically is half of the production budget. Nor does it factor in the interest that has accrued on the loan taken out to produce the movie. A loan that could not be repaid as the film languished in storage after movie theaters were closed down.


Why the movie failed has been readily apparent for some time. Earlier reports coming out of Midnights Edge and other sources claimed early test screenings of the movie were a disaster. Resulting in a slew of reshoots to attempt to salvage the latest entry into a cinematic universe Warner Brothers has desperately tried to kick off.

Even setting aside what will likely be poor screenings owed to innate quality, the movie also has been proclaimed to tackle patriarchy and the orange man with the greatest hair in the history of hair, Donald Trump. Like the man or not, he has the support of half the US population rendering the movie out the door incredibly polarizing. Polarization and stigmatization that will now transfer to the broader cinematic universe and DC branding.

With AT&T being termination happy, this movie’s failure is unlikely to go unpunished, but if you own HBO Max, you can enjoy the cringe for free on Christmas. Or better yet, torture your in-laws with it on Christmas.

Resident Evil Revelations 3 Rumored to be Switch Time Exclusive

When the rumor first broke, I had a good laugh at Sony’s expense. Despite having bought exclusive marketing rights for Resident Evil Village, the console manufacturer has consistently dropped the ball hyping the game up. All the worse are leaks revealing the game intends to kill off its male lead in a Metroidvania style game.

In fairness to the game, several versions have been shown to play testers with the script apparently in flux, so by the time of release, Ethan may be spared his death just as Chris was spared the character assassination he was set to receive.

From the same leaks, we know several Resident Evil games are in development, but relevant to this leak is the development of Outrage and Apocalypse. Long time Resident Evil insider Dusk Golem has come forward with new information about the upcoming title. In his posts on Twitter, he claims the game will be Revelations 3 and be a timed exclusive for the Switch.

More interesting than exclusivity is the claim the game will feature Rebecca Chambers as the main character. In the Resident Evil timeline after Raccoon City, Rebecca has left the combat to her former colleagues and focuses her efforts on research.

During the A-Virus outbreak in New York, which occurred in the panned Resident Evil: Vendetta CGI movie Rebecca was the one who synthesized the cure to the A-Virus with her techno-sorcery. That’s only partially a joke; the movie is considered horrible for numerous reasons.

This brings up an interesting concern. Will Resident Evil Vendetta be treated as canon by Capcom? Capcom has a habit of releasing products they boast are canon to the Resident Evil mythos, only to reverse said decision quietly after it critically fails and critically fail Vendetta did.

Either way, Rebecca is a scientist, not a fighter, so her being the main character certainly offers opportunities for unique gameplay mechanics centered around intelligently tackling threats rather than punching a bolder.

Rumor Analysis: More Likely Than Not

Based on released information, we can confirm that poorly named Resident Evil Outrage is going to come out next year. At least if Capcom’s internal plans, projections, and development window go off without a hitch. Resident Evil: Village underperforming could bring about delays, but that doesn’t negate the truth of the game’s existence.

What is in question is whether this game will be a Revelations title and if it will be a Switch exclusive. Setting aside the question of whether it will be a Revelation’s title, there is a precedent that it can be a Switch timed exclusive.

Nintendo has partnered with Capcom to have Monster Hunter: Rise be a timed exclusive. Nintendo Life reports the deal cost Nintendo around six million dollars. It would not be much of a stretch for Nintendo to have additionally bought a timed Resident Evil title as well. This would be especially likely if rumors of a Switch Pro releasing next year are true.

Going back to the idea of it being a Revelations title, that is an entirely different issue. Dusk Golem has demonstrated he has knowledge from inside Capcom, but he admits his sources get it wrong on occasion. Additionally, he was previously dismissed from Reset Era for creating a fake rumor as well based on insider information that did not exist.

The game exists, the chances of it being a Switch exclusive are high, but the rest of the rumor is uncertain as the source’s reliability is in question. We’ll likely learn the truth during a Nintendo Direct sometime next year.

Eternal Radiance Review

Disclaimer: CD Key was provided for free

Eternal Radiance’s title page is nothing special.  Upon booting the game, players are treated to a lovely, all too familiar JRPG background featuring three options: New Game, Options, Exit. It is a simple screen that embodies the quintessential essence of classic JRPGs. Gone was I when the title music began to play. I had received a package notification and got up to collect it from my porch when the music began to play. Continue reading “Eternal Radiance Review”

VGAs Had Announcements Cut

Surprising only a few, the VGAs were once again a massive dud. Yet leading into the event, insiders took to Twitter and Reset Era to unveil a lot of nothing but that they’d heard Sony and Microsoft both would have major announcements for the show. Not just the two juggernauts, but Konami and From Software both were said to be showcasing off their latest games, yet none made an appearance. Continue reading “VGAs Had Announcements Cut”

Sony Yanks Cyberpunk 2077 From Store Amidst Talks of Legal Trouble

People’s experience with Cyberpunk 2077 has been decidedly mixed. Users on the PC and next-generation consoles have reported a considerably smoother, albeit not perfect experience. One, that is playable from start to finish with only minor hiccups outside core issues. Continue reading “Sony Yanks Cyberpunk 2077 From Store Amidst Talks of Legal Trouble”

CDPR Has no Right to Complain About the Backlash

Before beginning, it must be said that by no means does this article justify death threats, targeted harassment, or threats of any manner. Though it will be contended based on marketing choices that CDPR invited this behavior upon themselves, that itself does not render the behavior appropriate or acceptable by any means. Continue reading “CDPR Has no Right to Complain About the Backlash”

How Technology Has Changed the Gaming Industry in Recent Years

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in recent years, mainly thanks to some astounding technological innovations that have revolutionized the way we play. Twenty years ago, hardcore players could never have imagined that their wildest dreams for video gaming would have become a reality. As such, in our article today, we are going to be taking a short trip down memory lane and reminiscing about some of the most recent technological advancements that have completely changed the gaming industry. Read on to find out more. Continue reading “How Technology Has Changed the Gaming Industry in Recent Years”

Sony Reportedly Issues Refunds as CDPR’s Stock Tanks

Cyberpunk 2077 SJW

Cyberpunk 2077 has launched with significant problems as the game is filled with bugs galore. Worsening the game’s reputation was the discovery by intrepid gamers of how the game lacks vehicular A.I., Police A.I., and the abysmal state civilian A.I. current exists in. Among other issues, reviewers receiving early copies would have been unable to ignore, let alone overlook by accident.

These issues will take months to rectify, but the current state of the baseline last generation consoles is likely to remain horrible. On said platforms, the game barely manages to pull off 720p as it struggles to maintain consistent frame rate performance. The upgraded versions of both consoles are reported to have better performance, but persist with mockable graphic fidelity.

This isn’t the first time CDRP has met with controversy over the quality of its title’s console ports. During the development of the Witcher 3, the company made promises to long time fans and supporters that the game would not receive a downgrade to function better on consoles. Leading into the release, that assurance proved to be an outright lie.

Unlike last time, CDPR will not be able to sweep the issues and blowback under the rug. There will not be an insurgence of millions of new paying fans to mitigate the outflow of angry customers. Customers who are now reporting Sony is issuing refunds  beyond the 2-hour play mark for digital purchases. After criticism emerged of marketing material failing to disclose missing features and the state of console versions of the game.

Standard protocol for console manufactures is to tell customers to pound sand if it is outside their TOS refund scope/window. Sony issuing refunds beyond said scope/window, is indicative the company is attempting to avoid a legal battle they are aware they won’t win. Yet that is mere supposition.

What is not supposition is the blowback from the sorry state of the console builds, alongside the buggy feature missing P.C./Next generation builds has resulted in CDPR’s parent company’s stock price to plummet.

On December 4th CD Projekt S.A. enjoyed a high of 443.00 Zloty and 31 U.S. Dollars. By closing the market on the 11th their stock price had dropped to 320.50 Zloty and 22.88 US Dollars after recovering from a record low of 310.50 Zloty, amounting to a 30% decline in the stock value.

Word that the game has turned a profit with 9 million units sold during day one is likely to have a stabilizing effect on the stock’s value. Or, at a minimum, mitigate severe selloffs. As the game is now profitable, any further sales of DLC or units are after production and distribution expenses, pure profit.

CDPR is unlikely to suffer severe financial ramifications from their product’s poor quality in the short term. By comparison, long-term brand damage is likely to plague the company going forward, impacting sales and marketing performance.

Players Can Increase Their Chances of Winning at Online Casinos with These Strategies

Currently, online casinos are thriving. They offer several lucrative bonuses and a wide range of games. They have been successful in attracting millions of players worldwide in the past few years. Players delve themselves into the world of online gambling to win profit. All the players have this one big dream to win a big jackpot or win a chunk of money at the online gambling table. Well, the chances of winning at gambling games assuredly depend on luck. The luck of the player can be influenced by the choice of the casino game and the casino platform. However, with some good knowledge of the games and proper application of the strategies, players can increase their chances of winning at the online casinos. Continue reading “Players Can Increase Their Chances of Winning at Online Casinos with These Strategies”

Backlash Against People Taking Offense at Cyberpunk 2077 Begins

Gaming has always had what its critics have lacked, actual homogenous diversity. For gaming attracts a diverse range of people from all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and hailing from across the political spectrum. All gathered together with the simple undertaking of sharing their passion for gaming. After all, entry into the hobby/pastime is as simple as picking up and playing a game. Continue reading “Backlash Against People Taking Offense at Cyberpunk 2077 Begins”

Why We’re Likely Doomed to Bad Monetization Models

“It was meaningless, futile, illogical, but such is the curse of being run by a human brain.” Was how Dr. Letz Shake explained his determination to defeat Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 2. For a machine it invoked a duel sense of purpose and illogical drive towards the meaningless and counterproductive. For the audience, it invoked a sense of ah or amusement before the fight began, but sadly it is why the industry will be doomed to poor monetization schemes.

Setting aside the competing models for the location and origin of consciousness, science demonstrates that the more primitive parts of the human brain do not focus on the long term. Instead, they tend to function in the short term, leaving the more modern parts of the brain to focus on long term planning and understanding of consequences.

As Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter explained, “We’re limited by being human. We want results fast, and we discount the future.” Leading to the issue, the more cognizant one is, the more likely they are to understand the ramification of their actions in both the short and long term. People with higher cognition can take past stimuli, observation and create reasoned ideas of how an event will play out.

And then you have the majority of people who don’t have inner monologs. People who generally display lower levels of cognition tend to seek and desire immediate gratification rather than long term benefits or delayed gratification according to a study published in Judgement and Decision Making.

Why are you spending money on worthless microtransactions that only put money into the pockets of executives? When you could be spending it on something more worthwhile like a book, movie, or real gambling where you can win real money. Our advertisement partners at allow you to compare various online outlets to find the best slots sites with free rolls. Check them out to discover a multitude of bonuses you can get on various sites through them.

Unlocking various skins or enjoying a sense of accomplishment from finishing a game are qualities of people that can enjoy delayed gratification and typically possess higher intelligence. Most people will not finish a game, just as most people will not buy a loot box or microtransactions. Equally, though they won’t delay gratification by refusing to purchase games that contain these atrocious mechanisms.

After all, if it doesn’t affect them immediately and directly, many simply don’t care. What are they going to do, not purchase the latest Call of Duty? Be the only person in their friend circle not enjoying the latest blockbuster game and risk social ostracization?

Humans are creatures immensely sensitive to social ostracism. All available research demonstrates this to be the case. When we are ostracized, our internal psychological machinery falls apart. We lose focus, drive, and purpose in life as we are cut off from the group. The human mind will attribute the idea of being ostracized no differently than it perceives and gauges physical pain.

Rationally those with high cognition can offset this concern by understanding they can gain more in the long term than any benefit alleviating the short-term concern will generate. For those that can only focus on immediate gratification, the idea of being ostracized is unbearable. They’ll buy the overpriced skins, pay to get ahead rather than work hard, and they’ll never refuse to purchase the latest title unless the public perception is against it.

In short, because many people are like this, we will likely have to regulate and outlaw bad practices rather than rely on humans doing what is right for themselves in the long run. Do not expect industry leaders to rise to the occasion. It is not greed, but the same lack of long-term planning drives them to refuse to invest in improving worker conditions and general happiness. Even though studies demonstrating any such investment returns $3.27 for every dollar spent. These are not the type of people who are going to maintain a healthy ecosystem. A statement easily proven by the recent price hike of video games during times of economic uncertainty.