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Dysmantle, Post-Apoc RPG Lets You Break 99% Of Everything Within The Game World

One of the top selling points for the post-apocalyptic survival simulator from 10Tons Ltd called Dysmantle is that 99% of…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft: For Science DLC Will Add New Weapons, New Perks, New Monsters
Tesla vs Lovecraft For Science

One of the more inventive games to come out in recent times is 10Tons Ltd’s Tesla Vs Lovecraft. The top-down…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Releases On Xbox One March 16th
Tesla Vs Lovecraft

10Tons announced that after a successful launch of Tesla Vs Lovecraft on Steam, the developers are now putting their sights…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Available For Download On Steam For $14.99
Tesla Vs Lovecraft

10Tons really seems to want to take their name to the next level. They think they’ll be able to do…

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Preps For Release On Steam Starting January 26th
Tesla vs Lovecraft

10tons announced recently that their top-down, twin-stick sci-fi shooter, Tesla Vs Lovecraft is due for release on January 26th in…

Sparkle Unleashed Nintendo Switch Review: Highly Addictive
Sparkle Unleashed Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] Featuring dozens upon dozens of levels, power-ups, several…

Sparkle Unleashed, Zuma-Style Puzzle Game Now Available On Nintendo Switch
Sparkle Unleashed Nintendo Switch

If you needed a last minute Christmas gift for your kid, your loved one, your neighbor, your friend, your coworker,…

Sparkle Unleashed Arrives On Nintendo Switch Dec 25th For $7.99
Sparkle Unleashed

10tons announced that Sparkle Unleashed is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch starting December 25th at the end of…

Worms WMD, Crimsonland Now Available On Nintendo Switch
Worms WMD Nintendo Switch

Team17’s Worms W.M.D. and 10tons Ltd.’s Crimsonland have both recently launched as digitally available titles on the Nintendo eShop for…

Xenoraid Now Available On Switch; Crimsonland Coming Soon To Switch
Xenoraid Switch

10tons Ltd., are known for recycling their game concepts and churning out one title after another by swapping assets and…

Time Recoil Nintendo Switch Review: Time-Hopping Hotline Miami
Time Recoil Review

[Disclosure: A review key was provided for the contents of this article] 10Tons Ltd’s most recent action game for the…

Jydge Nintendo Switch Review: An Exercise In Repetition
Jydge Review

[Disclosure: A review code was provided for the contents of this article] 10Tons recently released Jydge for the Nintendo Switch….

Jydge, Twin-Stick Shooter Inspired By Judge Dredd Arrives On Nintendo Switch
Jydge Nintendo Switch

10Tons managed to release two games for the Nintendo Switch in a single month. First it was Neon Chrome and…

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